UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction


Zerong Li

An integrated approach of GIS and space syntax modelling to investigate how well an ethnic group is integrated into its host city – A case study of the London China Town

Supervisor: Bayes Ahmed and Yasmine Sabri
Email: zerong.li.19@ucl.ac.uk
Funding: Self

This research will examine the socio-spatial configuration of London Chinatown. The study will investigate in which ways and how closely it interacts and integrates with the London city.

Socio-spatial factors that contribute to the area’s prosperity will be summarised. Meanwhile, factors leading to a close integration of a previous ethnic enclave into its host city and thus to mutual benefits will also be summarised.

This research intends to establish a new analytical framework that integrate the mathematical language of the spatial interaction modelling with the morphological language of the GIS. The framework allows spatial elements (e.g., housing and workplace floorspace, transport infrastructure) to be well quantified based on economic theories and the abstract numeric results can be exhibited in space. As such, for the first time the investigation of sole spatial configurations can be extended to a systematic analysis of the spatial, social and economic system.