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IRDR Taster Lecture: ‘There’s An App for That’ by Prof Patty Kostkova

3 August 2020

As part of the IRDR Taster Lecture series Prof Patty Kostkova will present a webinar on 6th August 2020 examining how digital technologies and social media shape our health and assist in fighting pandemics

Patty Kostkova taster lecture image

The importance of digital public health has been growing with the massive explosion of mobile health apps, wearable and tracking devices but it was the COVID-19 emergency that raised the importance of digital technology for our health, and preparedness and response to pandemics.

In this talk, we will look at the opportunities brought by social media for early-warning of epidemics – swine flu and COVID-19. We will also cover mobile mosquito surveillance initiatives to combat the zika virus in Brazil, serious mobile games for increasing resilience and disaster preparedness in perinatal women in Nepal and persuasive games improving antibiotic prescribing in Nigeria.

This event has now passed but you can watch a recording of the event on our YouTube channel.