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UNISDR's "Words Into Action Guidelines"

25 May 2017

CASCADES@IRDR contributed to UNISDR's new "Words Into Action Guidelines" on National Disaster Risk Assessment

SI on Cascading Crises IJDRR

The United Nations Office For Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) has just released the new interim version of its “Words Into Action Guidelines" on National Disaster Risk Assessment. 

The document consists of three parts: a policy guidance on methodologies, a technical section on special focus topics, and a review of specific hazard risk assessments. 

Gianluca Pescaroli and Prof. David Alexander, coordinators of the Research Group on Cascading Disasters based at our institute (CASCADES@IRDR),  contributed to the second part of this document, which is entitled “Cross-Sectoral and Multi-Risk Approach to Cascading Disasters”. 

The document is available on Preventionweb at this link.