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New research published: Tourism industry financing of climate change adaptation in Small Island Developing States

30 July 2017

Tourism is the most important economic sector in many small island developing states (SIDS), often driving development.

janto Tourism in these island nations is however, threatened by climate change impacts, such as sea level rises or tropical cyclones. To cope with the damage costs of these impacts, a larger amount of money will be needed. This raises the question of who should pay for climate change adaptations, and whether it is the government and the tourism industry that are ultimately responsible. 

In this study, Janto Hess and Ilan Kelman explore the perceptions of selected tourism sector stakeholders and investigate the potential of the tourism industry for financing adaptation among SIDS. A range of financial and political mechanisms, such as adaptation taxes and levies, adaptation funds, building regulations, and risk transferral, were examined. 

Access the full article here: https://www.cddjournal.org/article/view/vol02-iss2-4