UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction


Knowledge Exchange

The research group on cascading disasters has been created with the support of a UCL Knowledge Exchange Award.  We believe that the developments of new strategies against cascading disasters are possible only by improving knowledge exchange among academics, governments, enterprises, and civil society. Cooperation is the best tool to counteract the rising unpredictability of catastrophes and the growing complexity of systems.  Our approach is to actively engage in dialogue with stakeholders to understand their needs and priorities, learning from each other, and sharing pathways toward a safer future. We aim to promote workshops, events and projects where research connects with practical needs and challenges itself to be accessible to all. This should include applied areas such as the development of innovative scenarios, contingency plans and business continuity actions. As well as producing academic publications, we want to derive from our findings materials that synthesize the key points of our work in intuitive formats, such as guidelines for stakeholders to use in the future.