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COP28, UAE, 2023

COP28 took place in the United Arab Emirates in 2023. Find out more about IRDR's response to the discussions and recommendations that arose from the event.

The 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP28, stood at a pivotal juncture in the global effort to combat the climate crisis. Taking place from November 30 to December 12, 2023, at Expo City in Dubai, this conference marked the 28th gathering of the Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC.

Bringing nations from across the world together, COP28 was a critical platform for deliberations and collaborations aimed at addressing the pressing challenges of climate change.

UCL COP28 delegation

Dr Susannah Fisher

Susannah Fisher
Each year, UCL takes an active stance in the global fight against the climate crisis by assembling a dedicated team of experts drawn from diverse disciplines within the university to participate in COP. This team embodies UCL's commitment to making a substantial impact on the international stage. Engaging in negotiations, discussions, and events, the team works tirelessly over the course of two weeks to bring about change.

For COP 28, Dr Susannah Fisher was part of the UCL delegation. Dr Fisher is a Principal Research Fellow in the IRDR with a specialism in adaptation and climate finance: "My research explores how climate finance supports countries to adapt to the impacts of climate change and the politics of how we define and measure effective adaptation."

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Reflections by Dr Fisher


Article in The Conversation:

IRDR delegates

A number of IRDR staff and students also attended COP28.

IRDR COP delegates
The first ever Gender and Climate Day was held at COP28 and joined by a UCL IRDR GRRIPP team that included Zahra Khan (GRRIPP Research and Outreach), Ella Bedford (BSc Theoretical Physics), Miriam Zallocco (BSc Global Humanitarian Studies) and Peter Sammonds. 


IRDR reflections

Read more responses to the discussions at COP28, and associated topics, from other IRDR academics.



The IRDR's Dr Virginie Le Masson joins host Mark Maslin to talk about gender and how it intersects into the climate crisis, from tackling single-use period products to much needed policy changes. Listen now to hear about how and why women are more negatively impacted by climate change, as well as what we can do about it.

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