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Research culture at UCL

Explore how we're developing a fair, collaborative and inclusive research culture, where both our research and research community can thrive.

Enhancing UCL's research culture

Research culture describes the environment in which research happens. It's made up of expectations, values, attitudes and behaviours of the people within it and shapes how research is created, stored and shared.

At UCL, we want to create a research environment that facilitates excellence and where we support one another to succeed. Our 10-year Roadmap, created in partnership with the research community, sets out how we will develop a fair, collaborative, and inclusive research culture.

UCL is currently delivering a programme of initiatives that will develop our research culture. They’ve been designed in conversation with our research community to make progress against the Roadmap.

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Research Culture Roadmap

Our 10-year Roadmap sets out how we will develop a fair, collaborative and inclusive research culture.


Research culture case studies

Read about successful research culture initiatives at UCL.

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About research culture

Learn about UCL's Research Culture programme and the work done so far with the research community.

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Get involved

Find out how to get involved with shaping UCL's research culture.