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Research culture at UCL

Explore how we're developing a healthier and more sustainable research culture, where both our research and research community can thrive.

Our research culture journey 

Research culture describes the environment in which research happens. It's made up of expectations, values, attitudes and behaviours of the people within it and shapes how research is created, stored and shared. ​

A five-month consultation in 2021 with UCL’s research community showed us that more needs to be done to promote a positive and inclusive environment.

Over the last year, teams across the university brought forward recommendations from the consultation through the Enhancing Research Culture Programme, which has provided a springboard for the development of our longer-term research culture roadmap.

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Research culture consultation

Learn about UCL’s 2021 consultation with its research community including key findings and priorities for creating a more positive research culture. 

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Enhancing Research Culture Programme (ERCP)

See the full list of 15 cross-UCL and 24 local faculty projects that were launched under UCL's Enhancing Research Culture Programme in 2022.

Co-creating a research culture roadmap

Underpinned by findings from UCL's research culture consultation, the 39 ERCP projects have been an opportunity to pilot new approaches for enhancing research culture and learn lessons about good practice.

We are now building these existing strands of activity into a longer-term roadmap for change, which is being co-created with the research community and UCL’s academic experts in culture change. The roadmap will be launched in early 2023.