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Inter Satellite Links Symposium

The Inter Satellite Links Symposium is a hybrid event aimed at understanding the UK industrial and academic capability in inter-satellite links (optical and RF) and hybrid networks. In-person at the Technology and Innovation Centre at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow and online via Zoom.

Wednesday 28 February 2024, 10:00 - 18:00 GMT

Future Leaders Fellowships: round 9

Funding to support ambitious research and innovation across UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)’s remit. Your project can last for up to four years, with the option to apply to renew for a further three years. Please see the BEAMS RCO webpage for more information and details of the internal process. 

Internal deadline: 29 February 2024, 12 midday 

Soapbox Science’s 2024 speaker call

Are you a woman, non-binary or genderqueer person who works in science and who is passionate about your research? Are you eager to talk to the general public about your work in a fun, informal setting?  If so, then Soapbox Science needs YOU! Help us improve the visibility of underrepresented genders in science. Applications are open for multiple Soapbox Science events in 2024.

Application deadline: 29 February 2024

STFC Exascale Requirements Town Hall Meeting

This meeting aims to quantify the exascale computing requirements of the STFC research community in order to inform future planning for the UKRI Digital Research Infrastructure ecosystem. 14 March 2024, 10:00-16:00 at College Court, Knighton Road Leicester, LE2 3UF

Register by 4 March 2023

Philip Leverhulme Prize 2024

Subject areas for 2024 are: Earth Sciences; Physics; Politics and International Relations; Classics; Psychology; Visual and Performing Arts. Please see the BEAMS RCO webpage for more information and details of the internal process.

Internal deadline: 1pm on Tuesday 5 March 2024 For BEAMS RCO managed categories (Earth Sciences and Physics), Heads of Department are requested to send nominations (maximum of 3) to ovpr.beams@ucl.ac.uk

International Women in Science and Education (IWiSE) conference

In celebration of International Women’s Day (Friday 8 March), join us for the annual IWiSE Conference hosted by the Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC), taking place on Thursday 7 March at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, in Oxfordshire; this year’s event will be hybrid, with a focus on entrepreneurship – “taking the science from the lab, to the market”.

Thursday 7 March 2024, 10:00 - 15:00 GMT (hybrid)

Launch UKSRC Webinar Series - Introducing UKSRC

UKSRC Webinar Series will focus on topics related to UKSRC and SKAO including (but not limited to) demonstrator cases; SKA science topics; career pathways; relevant software; tools and data; SKAO Science Data challenges and project updates.

7 March 2023, 12:00-12:50

RAS Specialist Discussion "Roadmap to the next-generation infrared interferometric facility"

Exploring the potential for upgrading existing/upcoming facilities (VLTI, CHARA, MROI) and to discuss concepts for a new facility with kilometric baselines that could revolutionise understanding in science areas such as planet formation, exoplanets, microlensing, or black hole growth across the cosmic ages.

Friday 8 March, at the Royal Astronomical Society at Burlington House, London

Royal Society Meeting: Multi-Messenger Gravitational Lensing

The first multi-messenger (electromagnetic radiation and gravitational waves) detection of a gravitationally lensed cosmic explosion will have huge impact and unleash decades of novel science. This meeting brings together experts from the relevant disciplines to review recent progress and chart the path to first detection.

11-12 March, 2024

STFC Solar and planetary small awards 2024

Apply for funding to support theory, including modelling, simulation and related software development, observation, experiment and new technology research, relevant to all aspects of solar system science.

Application deadline: 12 March 2024 4:00pm UK time

STFC Astronomy observation and theory small awards 2024

Apply for funding to support theory, including modelling, simulation and related software development, observation, experiment and new technology research, relevant to all aspects of astronomy and astrophysics beyond the solar system.

Application deadline: 12 March 2024 4:00pm UK time

ARCHER2 eCSE Programme - GPU eCSE software development call

GPU eCSE support provides funding to the UKRI research community to develop software in a sustainable manner to run on GPU-based architectures. Proposals are invited to develop software that facilitates research targeted at UKRI’s digital research infrastructure e.g. future Exascale supercomputing services, UK national AI services, national Tier-2 HPC services.

Proposal submission deadline: 19 March 2024, 16:00

RAS Specialist Discussion meeting on “Exploring the Universe with future UV facilities”

An opportunity to share current developments regarding future UV missions and instruments, discuss UK involvement, synergies with other facilities such as Euclid and LSST, and enable crucial discussions to align the science being developed for these upcoming instruments to the UK strategic priorities.

Friday 12 April 2024, at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh

The Royal Society Scientific Meeting: Challenging the standard cosmological model

Tensions have emerged between the values of cosmological parameters estimated in different ways. Do these tensions signal that our model is too simple? Could a more sophisticated model account for the data without invoking a Cosmological Constant?

15-16 April 2024

STFC Late-stage commercialisation scheme 2024

This funding opportunity aims to support the PPAN community to develop technology and science towards commercialisation. Projects must currently be between technology readiness level (TRL) five to seven. The full economic cost (FEC) of your project can be up to £600,000.

Application deadline: 8 May 2024 4:00pm UK time

Advanced Cosmology and Extragalactic School 2024 (ACES24)

ACES is targeted at STFC funded PhD students undertaking projects in cosmology and extragalactic astronomy. The aim of ACES is to update participants’ knowledge of current topics in cosmology and extragalactic astronomy and provide training in state-of-the-art tools and techniques. 

2-6 September 2024, University of Sussex

Open Calls

EPSRC open fellowships Dec 2023: responsive mode

Open fellowships are designed to be flexible and enable you to design a programme around your individual needs, with freedom to design a package that fits your career ambitions, research needs, and personal and professional development requirements. Your fellowship can focus on research in one or a combination of: discovery science; innovation; instrumentation and technique development; software engineering.


Stephen Hawking Postdoctoral Fellowship

Apply for a postdoctoral fellowship focusing on a range of disciplines in the area of theoretical physics with the aim of reflecting Stephen Hawking’s work in bringing science into popular culture. Your fellowship can be up to 3 years long. This is prorated for part-time fellows, at a minimum of 50% full time equivalent. There is no limit on how much funding you can request. 


STFC Visions

Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Visions aims to identify ground-breaking, early-stage concepts that have the potential to be developed into ambitious initiatives and infrastructures, transforming the research and innovation landscape and shaping the future of our economy and society. The most compelling concepts will be prioritised for further development and will be used in the development and delivery of STFC strategy and may contribute to cross-UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) initiatives as appropriate. If you plan to submit a Visions concept, please also let the BEAMS Research Coordination office know at ovpr.beams@ucl.ac.uk