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UCL has a very wide range of interests and engagements in space-related activities and has contributed to numerous ESA space mission, through the provision of hardware/software, satellite operations, data analysis, science research and publications.

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Terms of Reference of UCL Space Domain


  • Promote UCL as a major Space University. 
  • Facilitate and encourage communication,  collaboration, cooperation, discussion and debate within UCL and beyond in space-related issues, particularly those of an interdisciplinary nature.
  • Create interdisciplinary opportunities across UCL, encouraging, enabling and supporting proposals to funding bodies to increase grant capture across various scales and enhance collaborative research output.
  • Encourage and enable Space related Enterprise through UCL’s enterprise landscape, develop and exploit space-related IP. 
  • Identify, articulate and communicate the achievements and activity in research, teaching and enterprise taking place at UCL, supporting the case for further UCL investment in space-based research. 
  • Encourage and support interdisciplinary education and CPD in matters related to space. This includes enrichment of the work environment for researchers engaged in space-related research to assist in generating high quality research and scholarship. 
  • Interface with and support the enhancement of UCL’s teaching and learning provision across Space, and contribute to students’ awareness, experience and involvement.
  • Collaborate, through UCL Culture, with UCL’s museums and collections and amplify their engagement in cross-disciplinary space related research, outreach and education activities. 
  • Provide and access a conducive channel through which the outside world, particularly London, can see and engage with UCL’s excellent and innovative activity. 
  • Add value to UCL’s global engagement strategy including international collaborations and “anchor partner” institutions. 


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