UCL Research Domains



UCL has a large and vibrant neuroscience community of over 450 senior (principal) investigators, including 26 Fellows of the Royal Society and 60 Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

Our neuroscientists conduct this world-leading work across seven core areas that reflect the strength of neuroscience at UCL. Browse the work by broad research theme or select individual researchers for an in-depth look.

UCL provides one of the best international environments to educate and train the next generation of research leaders and attract the best students. Our basic neuroscience research is translated into new ways of diagnosing and treating disease through our vibrant partnerships with the UCLP Academic Health Sciences Centre and our Biomedical Research Centre and specialist Biomedical Units.

Join the UCL Neuroscience Domain

If you are a member of UCL research staff and would like to join the UCL Neuroscience Domain community, simply select the UCL IRIS Neuroscience Theme when you complete/update your IRIS profile.


For a list of researchers who are currently working in the field of neuroscience at UCL, including contact details and more information about their work, visit the Neuroscience Theme on the UCL IRIS website: