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UCL and the Neuroscience Center Zürich (ZNZ), a joint competence centre of ETH and University of Zurich, are two of the world's leading research institutions for neuroscience, comprising over 500 research groups covering the entire spectrum from basic to clinical research.

In recent years, a series of collaborations have developed between UCL and ZNZ, both at an individual level and involving consortia supported by the EU Framework Programme.  Please see recent joint publications.

However, following a meeting in December 2011, it was recognised that closer interaction between the two institutions could lead to exciting new activities.

A research agreement was signed in March 2012 to strengthen the existing collaborations and foster new interactions in research and training in neuroscience. As part of UCL-ZNZ collaboration, short-term seed funding is available to support joint neuroscience research activities, which are intended to represent a priming step towards seeking comprehensive joint external research funding.

2015-16 Call for applications for joint research funding

As part of this initiative, short-term seed funding will be provided to support joint neuroscience research activities, which are intended to represent a priming step towards seeking comprehensive joint external research funding. Applications must involve at least one group leader affiliated with UCL Neuroscience and at least one group leader affiliated with ZNZ.

For further information and how to apply click here:

Funding Call

2014 Funded Projects

The following seven projects were funded as a result of a funding call in Autumn 2013.

Pilot ProjectsChanges of spinal and supraspinal control in neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction:An MRI-based study: Jalesh Panicker (UCL) and Janesh Armin Curt (ZNZ)

Improving imaging for preoperative neurosurgical targeting and intraoperative image guidance: Tarek Yousry (UCL) and Ernst Martin/Ruth O'Gorman (ZNZ)

Changes of cortical adaptation and inhibition after acoustic trauma: Roland Schaette (UCL) and Wolfger von der Behrens (ZNZ)

Temporal lobe epilepsy, hippocampus dependent memories and sleep: Helen Cross (UCL) and Reto Huber (ZNZ)

Automatic imitation: being moved by moving faces: James Kilner (UCL) and Sandra T. Glass/Nicole Wenderoth (ZNZ)

Pilot project to determine the architecture and structural dynamics of the postsynaptic density: Matthew Gold (UCL) and Florian Stengel/Ruedi Aebersold (ZNZ)
Joint WorkshopsOne-day Workshop on the  polymorphism of the tacr1 gene: Clare Stanford (UCL) and Edna Grünblatt (ZNZ)

2013 Funded Projects

In March 2013 the inaugural funding call was launched. In total, eight projects were funded, with money given to researchers to support joint research and training activities.

The successful applications from the first funding call are listed below under the three funded categories: Pilot Project, Facilitating Joint Grant Writing and Joint Workshops.

Pilot Project

Theta"oscillations"in"human"approach5avoidance"anxiety": Raymond J. Dolan (UCL) and Dominik R. Bach (ZNZ).

Investigating the haemodynamic functional activation response of the human preterm infancy by combining fNIRS and mathematical modelling: Ilias Tachtsidis (UCL) and Martin Wold (ZNZ).

Innovative imaging outcome measures for proof of concept clinical trials in progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS): Olga Ciccarelli, (UCL) and Roland Martin (ZNZ).

Signaling pathways targeting GABAergic synaptic transmission in the prefrontal cortex: a gateway to psychiatric diseases: Trevor G. Smart (UCL) and Jean-Marc Fritschy (ZNZ).

Roles  for  Cellular  Clocks  in  Pain  Perception: John Wood (UCL) and Steven A. Brown (ZNZ).

Facilitating Joint Grant Writing ApplicationsAn SPM-based framework for tracking structural and functional changes in neuroimaging data simultaneously within the spinal cord and brain: Nikolaus Weiskopf (UCL) and Patrick Freund (ZNZ).
Joint Workshops

How should robotics be used to aid upper limb rehabilitation after stroke?: Nick Ward (UCL) and Roger Gassert (ZNZ).

Connectomics: techniques, applications and future directions: Michael  Häusser (UCL) and Richard  Hahnloser (ZNZ).

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