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#BrainPower is the UCL Neuroscience Festival - a whole day of public events showcasing the best of neuroscience at UCL

BrainPower: UCL Neuroscience Festival

#BrainPower is a whole day of public events showcasing the best of neuroscience at UCL. This special one-off festival is organised by the UCL Neuroscience Domain.

Featuring interactive stalls, talks, short films, artworks, live demonstrations, storytelling, and workshops, there will be something for everyone, including loads of family friendly options. 

The event is on the theme of 'How does the brain work and why are some brains different?'

The UCL Neuroscience Domain is the university's community for neuroscientists. It is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2019, and #BrainPower is being organised to celebrate this, as well as to coincide with the annual Symposium on Friday 21 June. 

Further details of the day's events, including details of speakers, will be published on this webpage shortly, and you can also guarantee that you receive updates by subscribing to the UCL Neuroscience Domain newsletter (twice a month), or by following @ucl_slms on Twitter.

We ask that you register for a free ticket for this event - just click the button below.

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What's on 

#BrainPower will feature 2 sessions of brief and fascinating talks on a variety of aspects of neuroscience research.

You can find out more about the talk topics via the button below:

The presenters are:

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  • Journey through brain data in VR and control someone else's arm with your brain!
  • Try your hand at staining brain tissue
  • Play 'guess the emotion' and take part in psychological experiments
  • Try out having an extra thumb - a 3D printed prosthetic - controlled by your feet!
  • Find out how medicines for dementia are discovered
  • Test your cerebellum against a mouse's brain
  • Find out what is going on in a bilingual brain
  • Discover how stem cells might help fight motor neuron disease
  • Be part of a motion tracking experiment
  • Learn all about MRI scanning at 'MRI Storytime'
  • 'Bead Your Brain' and 'Build A Brain'
  • Try out different types of microscope - on real brain tissue!
  • Take a roller coaster ride through the worlds smallest brain
  • PLUS art installations and live music experiments

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Getting involved


A event like #BrainPower thrives with the involvement of enthusiastic volunteers. If you want to be a part of a fascinating day - talking to visitors, meeting other volunteers and exhibitors, and hearing all about neuroscience from some of UCL's top specialists, then be in touch with the event team on rcocomms@ucl.ac.uk


If you are an organisation that has an interest in neuroscience, and would like to be involved in the event in some way, we may be able to find a role for you during the event - giving you a chance to be part of the conversation. Please note that we are not looking for any commercial exhibitors. If you want to get involved, please contact rcocomms@ucl.ac.uk

Help us promote

#BrainPower is all about celebrating neuroscience and inspriring the next generation of researchers. If you care about neuroscience, why not help us spread the word? You can print and stick up the posters below, or retweet anything with the #BrainPower hashtag from the UCL School of Life & Medical Sciences Twitter account

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