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#BrainPower is the UCL Neuroscience Festival - a whole day of public events showcasing the best of neuroscience at UCL

BrainPower: UCL Neuroscience Festival

On Saturday June 22nd the UCL Neuroscience Domain and the SLMS Research Coordination Office ran a one-day public festival to showcase the best of neuroscience research at UCL. The aims were to increase the public’s understanding of the contribution UCL makes to science, and to encourage young people into careers in science. The event, titled #BrainPower: How does the brain work and why are some brains different?”, was held in the North and South Cloisters and attracted nearly 850 people of all ages. 

Through a number of interactive exhibitions, hands-on activities and talks people had the opportunity to meet neuroscientists to learn more about the work they are doing, build a brain, see real brain tissue with a microscope, explore the effects of stress on memory, discover how the brain controls behaviour, control a third thumb, and learn first-hand how the human brain is affected by diseases. 

The two talk sessions, with speakers covering topics ranging from exploring the magnetic brain and interfacing with the brain to laughter and stimulating speech after stroke, proved enormously popular, with over 450 people listening to the presentations. 

The feedback form the event has been incredibly positive, with 72% rating the event as ‘awesome’ and a further 23% rating it as “good”, with comments including: ‘More talks – they were amazing and informative’; ‘I thought it was excellent! Singing, fun, educating’; and, ‘It was fun with plenty to experience’. 

Some pictures from the day (click on an image to enalrge it)

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