UCL Research Domains


Steering Group

The UCL Neuroscience Domain Steering Group promotes, coordinates and develops activities to enable new research, improve communication and facilitate career development for our neuroscience community.

The Steering Group generally promotes and/or undertake any activities that it considers to be of strategic importance and in the best interests of the whole neuroscience community at UCL whilst also being responsive to the needs of individuals and groups.

The Steering Group reports directly to the UCL Vice-Provost (Health) and serves as an autonomous but not an executive body; i.e. its activities are not directed by senior management, and it does not direct the strategies or running of Centres, Departments or Institutes.

Membership is broadly representative and through the establishment of working groups for specific tasks and discussion forums, it will seek to ensure the involvement of neuroscientists from across the community.

It receives seed-funding from UCL but also raises funds from external sources for specific events and to advance initiatives from the UCL Neuroscience community.

Caswell Barry new

Professor Caswell Barry

Department of Cell and Developmental Biology


Professor Rob Brownstone

Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Dr Marc Aurel Busche

UK Dementia Research Institute

Maria Chait

Professor Maria Chait

Ear Institute


Professor Beverley Clark

Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research


Professor Clare Elwell

Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering


Professor Aikaterina Fotopoulou

Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Steering Committee - Sandrine Geranton

Dr Sandrine Geranton

Department of Cell and Developmental Biology

Michael Hausser

Professor Michael Hausser

Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research

Ryan MacDonald

Dr Ryan MacDonald

Institute of Ophthalmology


Professor Troy Margrie

National Institute for Medical Research

Antonella Riccio

Professor Antonella Riccio

MRC/UCL Lab for Molecular Cell Biology


Professor Jonathan Schott

Queen Square Institute of Neurology

Professor Trevor Smart new

Professor Trevor Smart (Chair)

Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology

Alan Thompson

Professor Alan Thompson

Dean of Faculty of Brain Sciences

Essi Viding

Professor Essi Viding

Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Matt Wakelin

Dr Matt Wakelin

Office of the Vice Provost for Health

Paul Whiting

Professor Paul Whiting

Institute of Neurology

Steve Wilson

Professor Steve Wilson

Department of Cell & Developmental Biology

Nicholas Wood

Professor Nicholas Wood

Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Professor Selina Wray

Queen Square Institute of Neurology

Dr Jo Van Herwegen

Dr Jo Van Herwegen

IOE - Psychology & Human Development