UCL Research Domains


Microbial Metabolism

The study of how microbes obtain and use energy and nutrients to live and reproduce.

John Allen
Visiting Professor
Genetics, Evolution & Environmentj.f.allen@ucl.ac.uk
Frank Baganz
Associate Professor
Biochemical Engineeringf.baganz@ucl.ac.uk
Jürg Bähler
Chair in Molecular Systems Biology
Genetics, Evolution & Environmentj.bahler@ucl.ac.uk
Sanjib Bhakta
Professor in Molecular Microbiology and Biochemistry
Institute of Structural & Molecular Biologys.bhakta@bbk.ac.uk
Snezana Djordjevic
Professor of Structural Biology of Signalling
Structural & Molecular Biologys.djordjevic@ucl.ac.uk
Ivan Gout
Professor of Cancer Biochemistry
Structural & Molecular Biologyi.gout@ucl.ac.uk
Nick Lane
Professor of Evolutionary Biochemistry
Genetics, Environment & Evolutionnick.lane@ucl.ac.uk
Marco Marques
Senior Teaching Fellow
Biochemical Engineeringmarco.marques@ucl.ac.uk
Claudia Mauri
Professor of Immunology
Division of Medicinec.mauri@ucl.ac.uk
Dominic Papineau
Associate Professor
London Centre for Nanotechnologyd.papineau@ucl.ac.uk
Brenda Parker
Associate Professor
Biochemical Engineeringbrenda.parker@ucl.ac.uk
Peter Rich
Professor of Bioenergetics
Structural & Molecular Biologyprr@ucl.ac.uk
Joanne Santini
Professor of Microbiology
Structural & Molecular Biologyj.santini@ucl.ac.uk
Elizabeth Shephard
Professorial Research Associate
Structural & Molecular Biologye.shephard@ucl.ac.uk
Michael Sulu
Research Associate and Facilities Manager
Biochemical Engineeringm.sulu@ucl.ac.uk
Geraint Thomas
Professor of Biochemistry
Cell & Developmental Biologyg.thomas@ucl.ac.uk
John Ward
Professor of Synthetic Biology for Bioprocessing
Biochemical Engineeringj.ward@ucl.ac.uk