UCL Research Domains



Mechanism, origin, and multiplication of pathogenic agents in humans and/or animals at cellular, tissue, or organismal scales. Subthemes: Bacterial, Fungal/Parasitic, and Viral

Arne Akbar
Professor of Immunology
Division of Infection & Immunitya.akbar@ucl.ac.uk
Elaine Allan
Associate Professor, Microbial Diseases
Eastman Dental Institutee.allan@ucl.ac.uk
Richard Angell
Principal Research Associate
Translational Research Officer.angell@ucl.ac.uk
Kristine Arnvig
Associate Professor
Structural & Molecular Biologyk.arnvig@ucl.ac.uk
Mona Bajaj-Elliott
Associate Professor in Gastrointestinal Infection & Immunity
UCL GOS Institute of Child Healthm.bajaj-elliott@ucl.ac.uk
Francois Balloux
Professor in Computational Biology Systems Biology
UCL Genetics Institute (GEE)f.balloux@ucl.ac.uk
Alasdair Bamford
Honorary Associate Professor
UCL GOS Institute of Child HealthAlasdair.Bamford@gosh.nhs.uk
Sanjib Bhakta
Professor in Molecular Microbiology and Biochemistry
Institute of Structural & Molecular Biologys.bhakta@bbk.ac.uk
Kate Bowers
Associate Professor
Structural & Molecular Biologykatherine.bowers@ucl.ac.uk
Judith Breuer
Professor of Virology (Honorary Consultant)
Division of Infection & Immunityj.breuer@ucl.ac.uk
Jeremy Brown
Professor of Respiratory Infection
Respiratory Medicinejeremy.brown@ucl.ac.uk
Benny Chain
Professor of Immunology
Infection & Immunityb.chain@ucl.ac.uk
John Dart
Honorary Professor
Institute of Opthalmologyj.dart@ucl.ac.uk
Snezana Djordjevic
Professor of Structural Biology of Signalling
Structural & Molecular Biologys.djordjevic@ucl.ac.uk
Helen Donoghue
Honorary Associate Professor
Infection & Immunityh.donoghue@ucl.ac.uk
Hanif Esmail
Clinical Senior Lecturer
Inst of Clinical Trials & Methodologyh.esmail@ucl.ac.uk
Dimitrios Evangelopoulos
Lecturer in Microbiology
Eastman Dental Instituted.evangelopoulos@ucl.ac.uk
Ariberto Fassati
Professor of Cellular & Molecular Virology
Infection & Immunitya.fassati@ucl.ac.uk
Vanya Gant
Divisional Clinical Director for Infection at UCLH
Infection & Immunity;
University College Hospital
Richard Gilson
Professor in Sexual Health and HIV
Infection & Population Healthr.gilson@ucl.ac.uk
Richard Goldstein
Chair of Pathogen Evolution
Infection & Immunityr.goldstein@ucl.ac.uk
Joe Grove
Sir Henry Dale Fellow
Infection & Immunityj.grove@ucl.ac.uk
Robert Heyderman
Professor of Infectious Diseases
Infection & Immunityr.heyderman@ucl.ac.uk
Bart Hoogenboom
Professor of Biophysics
Physics & Astronomyb.hoogenboom@ucl.ac.uk
Clare Jolly
Professor of Virology
Infection & Immunityc.jolly@ucl.ac.uk
Nicholas Keep
Professor of Biomolecular Science
Institute of Structural & Molecular Biologyn.keep@mail.cryst.bbk.ac.uk
Nigel Klein
Professor of Infectious Disease and Immunology
ICH Infect, Imm, Infla. & Physio Med
UCL GOS Institute of Child Health
Damien Mack
Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer and Microbiology Consultant
Royal Free Hospitaldamien.mack@nhs.net
Mala Maini
Professor of Viral Immunology
Infection & Immunitym.maini@ucl.ac.uk
Mark Marsh
Director of MRC/UCL Lab for Molecular Cell Biology
MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biologym.marsh@ucl.ac.uk
Rachel McKendry
Professor of Biomedicine and Nanotechnology
London Centre for Nanotechnologyr.a.mckendry@ucl.ac.uk
Jason Mercer
Associate Professor in Viral Cell Biology
MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biologyjason.mercer@ucl.ac.uk
Richard Milne
Professor of Virology
Infection & Immunityrichard.milne@ucl.ac.uk
Sara Mole
LMCB Group Leader, Professor of Molecular Cell Biology
MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biologys.mole@ucl.ac.uk
Reza Motallebzadeh
Clinical Associate Professor in Renal Transplant Surgery
Division of Surgery & Interventional Sciencer.motallebzadeh@ucl.ac.uk
Peter Mullany
Professor of Molecular Microbiology
Eastman Dental Institutep.mullany@ucl.ac.uk
Sudaxshina Murdan
Reader in Pharmaceutics
School of Pharmacys.murdan@ucl.ac.uk
Sean Nair
Associate Professor in Cellular Microbiology
Eastman Dental Institutesean.nair@ucl.ac.uk
Yuan Ng
Professor of Endodontology
Eastman Dental Institutey.ng@ucl.ac.uk
Mahdad Noursadeghi
Professor of Infectious Diseases
Infection & Immunitym.noursadeghi@ucl.ac.uk
Christine Orengo
Professor of Bioinformatics
Structural & Molecular Biologyc.orengo@ucl.ac.uk
Andrew Osborne
Structural & Molecular Biologya.osborne@ucl.ac.uk
Deenan Pillay
Pro-Vice-Provost International and Professor of Virology
Infection & Immunityd.pillay@ucl.ac.uk
Gabriele Pollara
Clinical Training Fellow / NIHR Clinical Lecturer
Infection & Immunityg.pollara@ucl.ac.uk
Lele Rangaka
Clinical Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor
Institute for Global Healthl.rangaka@ucl.ac.uk
Matthew Reeves
Associate Professor
Infection & Immunitymatthew.reeves@ucl.ac.uk
Jennifer Rohn
Professorial Research Fellow
Centre for Nephrologyj.rohn@ucl.ac.uk
Joanne Santini
Professor of Microbiology
Structural & Molecular Biologyj.santini@ucl.ac.uk
Elizabeth Shephard
Professorial Research Associate
Structural & Molecular Biologye.shephard@ucl.ac.uk
Adrian Shepherd
Reader in Computational Biology
Institute of Structural & Molecular Biologya.shepherd@mail.cryst.bbk.ac.uk
Andrew Smith
Chair in Oral Health Sciences
Eastman Dental Instituteandrew.m.smith@ucl.ac.uk
Claire Smith
Associate Professor
UCL GOS Institute of Child Healthc.m.smith@ucl.ac.uk
Dave Spratt
Professor of Microbial Ecology and Education
Eastman Dental Instituted.spratt@ucl.ac.uk
Yasuhiro Takeuchi
Associate Professor in Molecular Virology
Infection & Immunityy.takeuchi@ucl.ac.uk
Peter Taylor
School of Pharmacypeter.taylor@ucl.ac.uk
Gillian Tomlinson
MRC Clinician Scientist Research Fellow
Infection & Immunityg.tomlinson@ucl.ac.uk
Greg Towers
Professor of Molecular Virology
Infection & Immunityg.towers@ucl.ac.uk
Gabriel Waksman
S A Courtauld Chair of Biochemistry (and Professor of Structural Biology)
Structural & Molecular Biologyg.waksman@ucl.ac.uk
Emma Wall
Clinical Training Fellow
Infection & Immunitye.wall@ucl.ac.uk
Robin Weiss
Emeritus Professor of Viral Oncology
Infection & Immunityr.weiss@ucl.ac.uk
Peter Wilson
Professor of Microbiology
Infection & Immunitypeter.wilson@ucl.ac.uk