UCL Research Domains


All Group Leaders

Complete list of research group leaders at UCL who are conducting research related to microbiology or its applications

Ibrahim Abubakar
Professor in Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Institute for Global Healthi.abubakar@ucl.ac.uk
Arne Akbar
Professor of Immunology
Division of Infection & Immunitya.akbar@ucl.ac.uk
John Allen
Visiting Professor
Genetics, Evolution & Environmentj.f.allen@ucl.ac.uk
Richard Angell
Principal Research Associate
Translational Research Officer.angell@ucl.ac.uk
Kristine Arnvig
Associate Professor
Structural & Molecular Biologyk.arnvig@ucl.ac.uk
Frank Baganz
Associate Professor
Biochemical Engineeringf.baganz@ucl.ac.uk
Jürg Bähler
Chair in Molecular Systems Biology
Genetics, Evolution & Environmentj.bahler@ucl.ac.uk
Mona Bajaj-Elliott
Associate Professor in Gastrointestinal Infection & Immunity
UCL GOS Institute of Child Healthm.bajaj-elliott@ucl.ac.uk
Francois Balloux
Professor in Computational Biology Systems Biology
UCL Genetics Institute (GEE)f.balloux@ucl.ac.uk
Alasdair Bamford
Honorary Associate Professor
UCL GOS Institute of Child HealthAlasdair.Bamford@gosh.nhs.uk
Chris Barnes
Professor of Systems and Synthetic Biology
Cell & Developmental Biologychristopher.barnes@ucl.ac.uk  
Giuseppe Battaglia
Professor and Chair of Molecular Bionics
Richard Beckett
Associate Professor in Architecture
The Bartlett School of Architecturerichard.beckett@ucl.ac.uk
Helen Bedford
Professor of Children's Health

UCL GOS Institute of Child Health

Helen Bennion
Professor of Environmental Change
Sanjib Bhakta
Professor in Molecular Microbiology and Biochemistry
Institute of Structural & Molecular Biologys.bhakta@bbk.ac.uk
Kate Bowers
Associate Professor
Structural & Molecular Biologykatherine.bowers@ucl.ac.uk
Paul Bown
Professor of Micropalaeontology
Earth Sciencesp.bown@ucl.ac.uk
Daniel Bracewell
Professor of Bioprocess Analysis
Biochemical Engineeringd.bracewell@ucl.ac.uk
Judith Breuer
Professor of Virology (Honorary Consultant)
Division of Infection & Immunityj.breuer@ucl.ac.uk
Jeremy Brown
Professor of Respiratory Infection
Respiratory Medicinejeremy.brown@ucl.ac.uk
Robert Bud
Honorary Senior Research Associate
Science & Technology Studiesr.bud@ucl.ac.uk
Hernán A. Burbano Roa
Associate Professor of Ancient Plant Genomics
Genetics, Evolution & Environmenth.burbano@ucl.ac.uk
Celia Caulcott
Vice-Provost, Enterprise
Vice-Provost (Enterprise)
Benny Chain
Professor of Immunology
Infection & Immunityb.chain@ucl.ac.uk
Lena Ciric
Associate Professor
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineeringl.ciric@ucl.ac.uk
Elaine Cloutman-Green
Clinical Scientist in Infection Control/NIHR Fellow
UCL GOS Institute of Child Healthelaine.cloutman-green@gosh.nhs.uk
Tim Colbourn
Professor of Global Health Systems, Epidemiology and Evaluation
Institute for Global Healtht.colbourn@ucl.ac.uk
John Dart
Honorary Professor
Institute of Opthalmologyj.dart@ucl.ac.uk
Snezana Djordjevic
Professor of Structural Biology of Signalling
Structural & Molecular Biologys.djordjevic@ucl.ac.uk
Helen Donoghue
Honorary Associate Professor
Infection & Immunityh.donoghue@ucl.ac.uk
Lucy van Dorp
Senior Research Fellow
UCL Genetics Institute (GEE)lucy.dorp.12@ucl.ac.uk
Mohan Edirisinghe
Bonfield Chair of Biomaterials
Mechanical Engineeringm.edirisinghe@ucl.ac.uk
Sarah Edwards
Professor of Bioethics
Science & Technology Studiessarah.edwards@ucl.ac.uk
Vicky Enne
Senior Research Associate
Infection & Immunityv.enne@ucl.ac.uk
Hanif Esmail
Clinical Senior Lecturer
Inst of Clinical Trials & Methodologyh.esmail@ucl.ac.uk
Dimitrios Evangelopoulos
Lecturer in Microbiology
Eastman Dental Instituted.evangelopoulos@ucl.ac.uk
Ariberto Fassati
Professor of Cellular & Molecular Virology
Infection & Immunitya.fassati@ucl.ac.uk
Nigel Field
Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Infection & Population Healthnigel.field@ucl.ac.uk
Stefanie Frank
Associate Professor/Lecturer in Synthetic Biology
Biochemical Engineeringstefanie.frank@ucl.ac.uk
Vanya Gant
Divisional Clinical Director for Infection at UCLH
Infection & Immunity;
University College Hospital
Richard Gilson
Professor in Sexual Health and HIV
Infection & Population Healthr.gilson@ucl.ac.uk
Richard Goldstein
Chair of Pathogen Evolution
Infection & Immunityr.goldstein@ucl.ac.uk
Ivan Gout
Professor of Cancer Biochemistry
Structural & Molecular Biologyi.gout@ucl.ac.uk
Duncan Greig
Associate Professor in Genetics
Genetics, Environment & Evolutiond.greig@ucl.ac.uk
Stefan Guldin
Associate Professor
Chemical Engineerings.guldin@ucl.ac.uk
Shozeb Haider
Professor of Computational Biophysics
School of Pharmacyshozeb.haider@ucl.ac.uk
Helen Hailes
Professor of Chemical Biology
Robert Heyderman
Professor of Infectious Diseases
Infection & Immunityr.heyderman@ucl.ac.uk
Teresa Hill
Research Fellow
Institute for Global Healthteresa.hill@ucl.ac.uk
Brian Ho
Lecturer of Bacteriology
Structural & Molecular Biologyb.ho@ucl.ac.uk
Bart Hoogenboom
Professor of Biophysics
Physics & Astronomyb.hoogenboom@ucl.ac.uk
Anne Johnson
Professor and Vice- Dean, External Relations
Institute of Epidemiology and Health Careanne.johnson@ucl.ac.uk
Clare Jolly
Professor of Virology
Infection & Immunityc.jolly@ucl.ac.uk
Viv Jones
Professor of Environmental Change
Nicholas Keep
Professor of Biomolecular Science
Institute of Structural & Molecular Biologyn.keep@mail.cryst.bbk.ac.uk
Nigel Klein
Professor of Infectious Disease and Immunology
ICH Infect, Imm, Infla. & Physio Med
UCL GOS Institute of Child Health
Patty Kostkova
Professor of Digital Health
Institute of Risk & Disaster Reductionp.kostkova@ucl.ac.uk
Nick Lane
Professor of Evolutionary Biochemistry
Genetics, Environment & Evolutionnick.lane@ucl.ac.uk
Tim Levine
Professor of Cell Biology
Institute of Opthalmology


Marc Lipman
Professor of Medicine
Respiratory Medicinem.lipman@ucl.ac.uk
Isabel Llorente-Garcia
Physics & Astronomyi.llorente-garcia@ucl.ac.uk
Damien Mack
Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer and Microbiology Consultant
Royal Free Hospitaldamien.mack@nhs.net
Mala Maini
Professor of Viral Immunology
Infection & Immunitym.maini@ucl.ac.uk
Marco Marques
Senior Teaching Fellow
Biochemical Engineeringmarco.marques@ucl.ac.uk
Mark Marsh
Director of MRC/UCL Lab for Molecular Cell Biology
MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biologym.marsh@ucl.ac.uk
Claudia Mauri
Professor of Immunology
Division of Medicinec.mauri@ucl.ac.uk
Timothy McHugh
Professor of Medical Microbiology
Infection & Immunityt.mchugh@ucl.ac.uk
Rachel McKendry
Professor of Biomedicine and Nanotechnology
London Centre for Nanotechnologyr.a.mckendry@ucl.ac.uk
Richard Milne
Professor of Virology
Infection & Immunityrichard.milne@ucl.ac.uk
Sara Mole
LMCB Group Leader, Professor of Molecular Cell Biology
MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biologys.mole@ucl.ac.uk
Maxim Molodtsov
Senior Research Fellow
Physics & Astronomym.molodtsov@ucl.ac.uk
Reza Motallebzadeh
Clinical Associate Professor in Renal Transplant Surgery
Division of Surgery & Interventional Sciencer.motallebzadeh@ucl.ac.uk
Peter Mullany
Professor of Molecular Microbiology
Eastman Dental Institutep.mullany@ucl.ac.uk
Sudaxshina Murdan
Reader in Pharmaceutics
School of Pharmacys.murdan@ucl.ac.uk
Sean Nair
Associate Professor in Cellular Microbiology
Eastman Dental Institutesean.nair@ucl.ac.uk
Darren Nesbeth
Associate Professor
Biochemical Engineeringd.nesbeth@ucl.ac.uk
Yuan Ng
Professor of Endodontology
Eastman Dental Institutey.ng@ucl.ac.uk
Thanh TK Nguyen
Professor of Nanomaterials
Physics & Astronomyntk.thanh@ucl.ac.uk
Mahdad Noursadeghi
Professor of Infectious Diseases
Infection & Immunitym.noursadeghi@ucl.ac.uk
Christine Orengo
Professor of Bioinformatics
Structural & Molecular Biologyc.orengo@ucl.ac.uk
Andrew Osborne
Structural & Molecular Biologya.osborne@ucl.ac.uk
Dominic Papineau
Associate Professor
London Centre for Nanotechnologyd.papineau@ucl.ac.uk
Brenda Parker
Associate Professor
Biochemical Engineeringbrenda.parker@ucl.ac.uk
Ivan Parkin
Professor and Dean of MAPS Faculty
Lambis Petridis
Clinical Associate Professor
Eastman Dental Institutec.petridis@ucl.ac.uk
Sarah Pett
Professor of Infectious Diseases and International Health
Institute for Global Healths.pett@ucl.ac.uk
Andrew Phillips
Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Institute for Global Healthandrew.phillips@ucl.ac.uk
Deenan Pillay
Pro-Vice-Provost International and Professor of Virology
Infection & Immunityd.pillay@ucl.ac.uk
Gabriele Pollara
Clinical Training Fellow / NIHR Clinical Lecturer
Infection & Immunityg.pollara@ucl.ac.uk
Saul Purton
Professor of Algal Biotechnology
Structural & Molecular Biologys.purton@ucl.ac.uk
Lele Rangaka
Clinical Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor
Institute for Global Healthl.rangaka@ucl.ac.uk
Matthew Reeves
Associate Professor
Infection & Immunitymatthew.reeves@ucl.ac.uk
Peter Rich
Professor of Bioenergetics
Structural & Molecular Biologyprr@ucl.ac.uk
Jennifer Rohn
Professorial Research Fellow
Centre for Nephrologyj.rohn@ucl.ac.uk
Joanne Santini
Professor of Microbiology
Structural & Molecular Biologyj.santini@ucl.ac.uk
Maryam Shahmanesh
Senior Clinical Lecturer
Institute for Global Healthm.shahmanesh@ucl.ac.uk
Laura Shallcross
Professor of Public Health & Translational Data Science
Institute of Health Informaticsl.shallcross@ucl.ac.uk
Nik Sharma
Senior Clinical Research Associate
UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurologynikhil.sharma@ucl.ac.uk
Elizabeth Shephard
Professorial Research Associate
Structural & Molecular Biologye.shephard@ucl.ac.uk
Adrian Shepherd
Reader in Computational Biology
Institute of Structural & Molecular Biologya.shepherd@mail.cryst.bbk.ac.uk
Andrew Smith
Chair in Oral Health Sciences
Eastman Dental Instituteandrew.m.smith@ucl.ac.uk
Anthony Smith
Vice-Provost (Education & Student Affairs)
Vice-Provost (Education & Student Affairs)a.w.smith@ucl.ac.uk
Claire Smith
Associate Professor
UCL GOS Institute of Child Healthc.m.smith@ucl.ac.uk
James Soothill
Consultant Microbiologist
Great Ormond Street Hospital Laboratory Medicine


Dave Spratt
Professor of Microbial Ecology and Education
Eastman Dental Instituted.spratt@ucl.ac.uk
Paul Stapleton
Senior Teaching Fellow
School of Pharmacyp.stapleton@ucl.ac.uk
Michael Sulu
Research Associate and Facilities Manager
Biochemical Engineeringm.sulu@ucl.ac.uk
Alethea Tabor
Professor of Organic Chemistry
Yasuhiro Takeuchi
Associate Professor in Molecular Virology
Infection & Immunityy.takeuchi@ucl.ac.uk
Peter Taylor
School of Pharmacypeter.taylor@ucl.ac.uk
Geraint Thomas
Professor of Biochemistry
Cell & Developmental Biologyg.thomas@ucl.ac.uk
Chris Thompson
Professor of Evolutionary and Developmental Genetics
Genetics, Evolution & Environmentchristopher.thompson@ucl.ac.uk
Gillian Tomlinson
MRC Clinician Scientist Research Fellow
Infection & Immunityg.tomlinson@ucl.ac.uk
Greg Towers
Professor of Molecular Virology
Infection & Immunityg.towers@ucl.ac.uk
Giorgio Volpe
Associate Professor
Gabriel Waksman
S A Courtauld Chair of Biochemistry (and Professor of Structural Biology)
Structural & Molecular Biologyg.waksman@ucl.ac.uk
Sarah Walker
Professor of Medical Statistics
Institute of Clinical Trials & Methodologyrmjlasw@ucl.ac.uk
Emma Wall
Clinical Training Fellow
Infection & Immunitye.wall@ucl.ac.uk
John Ward
Professor of Synthetic Biology for Bioprocessing
Biochemical Engineeringj.ward@ucl.ac.uk
Robin Weiss
Emeritus Professor of Viral Oncology
Infection & Immunityr.weiss@ucl.ac.uk
Finn Werner
Professor of Molecular Biophysics
Structural & Molecular Biologyf.werner@ucl.ac.uk
Mike Wilson
Emeritus Professor
Eastman Dental Institutemike.wilson@ucl.ac.uk
Peter Wilson
Professor of Microbiology
Infection & Immunitypeter.wilson@ucl.ac.uk