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Bringing the microbial world to the community beyond UCL

Public Engagement

It's All Academic Festival: 5th October 2019

Its All Academic Festival 2019 banner

Microbiology@UCL was proud to participate in this year's It's All Academic Festival at UCL, a day of fun and hands-on events open to the public.

People of all ages were infected with the enthusiasm of microbes through our “Wonderful World of Microbes” hands-on display table.

Well done to Microbiology@UCL ECR rep Lucy van Dorp, who gave a fascinating talk on The Search for Patient Zero.

Its All Academic Festival 2019 Microbiology Domain

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Working with Schools


Microbiology@UCL is currently working with Little STEMs, Oval Learning cluster, UCL Innovation & Enterprise, and UCL Institute of Education to deliver hands-on microbiology activities to Year 5-6 students. If you are a post-doc or academic interested in participating please contact the Domain Manager.


Frontiers for Young Minds

Did you know that “Frontiers in” Journals have an outlet for articles written for and peer reviewed by kids? Frontiers for Young Minds is looking for scientist mentors, peer reviewers (age 8-15), and ideas for articles. Check out this this special section on harmful microbes and superbugs, which is accepting submissions through March 2020. Find out how to get involved at their website


Class excursions to ignite children’s enthusiasm for microbes

A thorough list of creative ways to engage young students in microbiology.

Excursions for microbiology education

McGenity TJ et al. Visualizing the invisible: class excursions to ignite children’s enthusiasm for microbes. Microbial Biotechnology (2020) 13(4), 844– 887. https://doi.org/10.1111/1751-7915.13576


Other Resources

  • Bacteria Builder: online and application based game to learn about bacterial form and function
  • e-Bug: games and teaching resources about microbes and antibiotics
  • edugames: on-line games about hygiene and antimicrobial resistance
  • Microbiology Literacy in Society: a framework for microbiology literacy supported by Society for Applied Microbiology
  • Microbiology Online: teaching resources from the Microbiology Society