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London Metabolism Club

London Metabolism Club

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Welcome to the London Metabolism Club!

The London Metabolism Club (LMC) provides a platform for promoting basic and applied research on cellular metabolism in health and disease with the specific objectives to:

  • establish a forum for discussing the most recent advances in metabolic research;
  • provide a network for collaborative links among academic groups working in the field of cellular metabolism;
  • stimulate interdisciplinary collaborations and initiatives, and share technical expertise.

We have regular club meetings with two talks by invited speakers, followed by discussion and networking in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  There are also slots available for Early Career Researcher Talks.  

(Early Career Researcher Talk format: five minutes and two slides.  Early Career Researcher in this context means a current PhD student or someone who received their PhD within the last five years.)

If you would like to nominate a speaker or present your research, please contact us:

Professor Elizabeth Shephard (e.shephard@ucl.ac.uk)

Professor Ivan Gout (i.gout@ucl.ac.uk)

Professor Kaila Srai (k.srai@ucl.ac.uk)


Past events

Summer reception 2019

This meeting was a joint event with the UCL Food, Metabolism and Society Domain, held at UCL on 10th July 2019. Speakers were:

Prof Jon Whitehead (University of Lincoln) - Research: to identify novel strategies to reduce cardiometabolic diseases and mechanisms that govern metabolic and cardiovascular homeostasis. These processes often become defective in obesity resulting in the development of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Dr Olivier Pardo (Imperial) - Research on the underlying mechanisms for both resistance to therapy and metastasis in lung cancer. In particular, the role of different members of the S6 kinase family.

December 2018 meeting

Held on Monday 17th December from 17:00-20:00 at UCL, speakers were:

Alex Gould, Francis Crick Institute, "Coping with a stressful start in life"

Phil Eaton, King's College London, "Redox regulation of soluble Epoxide Hydrolase"

Our 2018 events' sponsor was Metabolon.

Autumn 2018 Reception

This took place on 17th September, 2018 at UCL.

The speakers were:

Irene Miguel-Aliaga, Imperial College London, "Hungry Brains and Clever Guts"

Dimitris Anastasiou, Francis Crick Institute, "Redox requirements of cells in low oxygen"

Early Career Researcher Talks:

Helen McKenna, UCL, "The mitochondria in critical illness"

Jia Stevens, UCL, "Early findings of mitochondrial respiratory changes after major surgery"

Vasha Kaur, Imperial College Health Care Trust, "A novel endoscopic procedure to improve insulin resistance"

Inaugural Meeting

Our inaugural meeting took place at UCL on Thursday 22nd February, 2018. 

The speakers were:

Professor Rachel Batterham, UCL

Professor David Carling, Imperial College London

Dr Martin Hornshaw, Metabolon