UCL Research Domains



The recently established Food, Metabolism and Society domain is keen to work with - and learn from - as many stakeholders as possible. 

If you are a UCL researcher and would like to become a member of the domain, or if you are a researcher or journalist searching for an expert, please contact fmsdomain@ucl.ac.uk

Find experts in:

  • Metabolic Disease

    • ageing; obesity; diabetes; genetic disorders of metabolic function; evolution of metabolic genes; the microbiome and metabolic health.
  • Metabolism and Global Health

    • malnutrition; metabolic disease in the developing world; food security and supply; architecture and urban planning for health-living.
  • Biodiversity and Agriculture

    • agricultural impacts on biodiversity; genetically-modified crops; urban farming; evolutionary and cultural adaptation to agriculture; anthropology of agriculture.
  • Metabolism and Deep Time

    • archaeology; historical, cultural and evolutionary perspectives on metabolism research.
  • Food and Decision Making

    • behaviour change for healthy living; obesogenic environment; effects of food industry marketing; socioeconomic factors affecting food choices.