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Castillo, Cristina Cobo, Martin Polkinghorne, Brice Vincent, Tan Buoy Suy, and Dorian Q Fuller (2018) 'Life goes on: Archaeobotanical investigations of diet and ritual at Angkor Thom, Cambodia (fourteenth to fifteenth centuries CE).' The Holocene. 

Fuller, Dorian Q, Cristina Castillo, Eleanor Kingwell-Banham, Ling Qin and Alison Weisskopf (2018) 'Charred pomelo peel, historical linguistics and other tree crops: approaches to framing the historical context of early Citrus cultivation in East, South and Southeast Asia.' In: Véronique Zech, Girolamo Fiorentino, Sylvie Coubray (eds) The History and Archaeology of the citrus fruit from the Far East to the Mediterranean: introductions, diversifications, uses. Naples: Centre Jean Bérard. Pp. 31-50. 

Fuller, Dorian Q (2018) 'Long and attenuated: comparative trends in the domestication of tree fruits.' Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 27(1): 165-176.

Fuller, Dorian Q and Charlene Murphy (2018) 'The Origins and Early Dispersal of horsegram (Macrotyloma uniflorum), a major crop of ancient India.' Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 65(1): 285-305.