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The recently established Food, Metabolism and Society domain is keen to work with - and learn from - as many stakeholders as possible. 

If you are a UCL researcher and would like to become a member of the domain, or if you are a researcher or journalist searching for an expert, please contact fmsdomain@ucl.ac.uk

Find experts in:

  • Metabolic Disease

    • ageing; obesity; diabetes; genetic disorders of metabolic function; evolution of metabolic genes; the microbiome and metabolic health.
  • Metabolism and Global Health

    • malnutrition; metabolic disease in the developing world; food security and supply; architecture and urban planning for health-living.
  • Biodiversity and Agriculture

    • agricultural impacts on biodiversity; genetically-modified crops; urban farming; evolutionary and cultural adaptation to agriculture; anthropology of agriculture.
  • Metabolism and Deep Time

    • archaeology; historical, cultural and evolutionary perspectives on metabolism research.
  • Food and Decision Making

    • behaviour change for healthy living; obesogenic environment; effects of food industry marketing; socioeconomic factors affecting food choices.

All experts  

Arne Akbar

Nazif Alic

Jurg Bahler

Francois Balloux

Rachel Batterham

Robert Biel

Aiduan Borrion

Francis Brodsky


Celia Caulcott

Paul Chadwick

Nishi Chaturvedi

John Christodoulou

Carole Dalin

Alan Dangour 

Marianne Jennifer Datiles

Sean Davidson

Nathan Davies

Ellie Doney

Michael Duchen

Lazaros Foukas

Dorian Fuller

Matthew Gage

Paul Gissen

Alex Gould

Ivan Gout

George Grimble

Sue Hamilton

Rebecca Hardy

Michael Heinrich

Aroon Hingorani

Glen Jeffery

Anastasia Kalea

Monica Lakhanpaul 

Nicholas Lesica

Georgina Mace

Gustav Milne 

Mark Miodownik 

Richard Mott

Michael Munday 

Rebecca O'Connell

Kaori O'Connor

Dan Osborn 

Aaron Parkhurst 

Linda Partridge

Richard Pearson

Brian Power 

Markus Rasler

Jason Rihel

Gul Deniz Salali 

Joanne Santini

Francesca Scotti

Stephen Shennan 

Elizabeth Shephard 

Adrian Slee

Andrew Smith

Kaila Singh Srai 

Chris Stefan 

Michael Sulu 

Gyorgy Szabadkai

Mark Thomas

Geraint Thomas

Megan Vaughan 

Jonathan Wells 

Mariia Yuneva