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South East and London Water Alliance (SEAL)

SEAL connects a community of water stakeholders across the Greater London and South East region to deliver transformative real world impacts which highlight water as a fundamental agent of change.

The South East and London Water Alliance is an interconnected network of stakeholders interested in shaping, influencing and transforming the water community across this dynamic region.

Hosted and founded by UCL and supported by the EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account, SEAL aims to transcend disciplines to unite water researchers and stakeholders. SEAL's research and network will deliver whole water cycle resilience focused on the unique challenges London and the South East faces.

Members include research communities, environmental bodies, water regulators, consultancies, government, non-governmental organisations and more.

Find out more about SEAL and join the network for free on their dedicated webpage

For more information please do not hesitate to contact Dr Becca Burns on environment@ucl.ac.uk