UCL Research Domains


Environment Domain Internal Advisory Network

The Environment Domain Internal Advisory Network serves the research community by promoting, coordinating and developing activities that enable new research activity, foster cross-disciplinary collaboration, increase communications and maximises research and infrastructure investment.

The Network members act as branches of the Environment Domain, connecting the core personnel and activities of the domain with relevant research expertise. Members help steer domain activities, lead domain topics and themes, and disemminate information about the Domain to colleagues and relevant researchers/ academics.

The Internal Advisory Network will:

  • Be comprised of a broad selection of UCL researchers and stakeholders from all career backgrounds. 
  • Aim to meet on a termly basis to share updates and discuss matters related to the Domain.
  • Act as advisors for domain activities.
  • Have active membership, with those involved in the network being nodes of contact for disseminating information at departmental level when required.
  • Identify areas of collaboration and communicate these to the domain facilitator.
  • Help support EDEN and other domain collaborators.

Current Membership 

The Environment Domain Internal Advisory Network is an autonomous, non-executive body based on voluntary membership. The Network consists of academics, researchers and professional services personnel from across UCL. For more information, or to join please contact Environment@ucl.ac.uk