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Coronavirus and UCL Research

Find information and advice on COVID-19 for research staff, how our research is contributing to the response, and what we plan to do next.

UCL is committed to using our skills, facilities and people to help tackle COVID-19; as a world-leading research university we have both an opportunity and an obligation to mobilise our resources to support national and global efforts to address the pandemic.

Find out more about our research so far, including developing new ventilator technology, vaccine development, and routes to recovery.

our coronavirus research

Our Coronavirus research

Find out how UCL experts are contributing to the response to COVID-19, from vaccine development to public health, healthcare engineering and beyond.

UCL Grand Challenges response to Covid-19

UCL Grand Challenges response to COVID-19

UCL Grand Challenges has launched an initiative rallying UCL’s collective expertise over the next four months to address the urgent issues posed by COVID-19. 

advice for researchers

Advice and support for UCL Researchers

Advice and guidance from research funders for UCL researchers, including information on research projects, access to UCL facilities, and managing the impact of disruption on your work.

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Information, resources and support for students and staff

Visit the main UCL COVID-19 hub for information and answers to frequently asked questions for students and staff