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Coronavirus: The Whole Story

The 'Coronavirus: The Whole Story' podcast highlights UCL's interdisciplinary expertise on Covid-19 - focusing on its management, mitigation, eventual halt, and preparing for a post-coronavirus world.

Welcome to this new weekly podcast series that explores the pandemic from the perspective of researchers across UCL.

Presented by writer, broadcaster and UCL alumna Vivienne Parry, each episode will look at the coronavirus outbreak through different lenses, covering history, psychology, social sciences, arts, engineering, economics, law, and politics. 

NEW! Episode 12: How can behavioural science help us combat the virus? 

Why should we listen to behavioural scientists?

Now that lockdown is beginning to ease, we’re joined by behavioural scientists and SAGE - and Independent SAGE - advisors, to explore the role that behavioural science plays in controlling the spread of COVID-19. 

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Episode 1: What happens to you in intensive care?

Who will require a ventilator or a breathing machine?

This week we’re exploring what happens inside intensive care. With special guests Professor Hugh Montgomery, Director of the UCL Institute for Human Health and Performance and Mervyn Singer, Professor of Intensive Care Medicine.

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Episode 2: How can we track the virus?

Do we understand the spread of the virus?

Listen to Professor Andrew Hayward, Director of the UCL Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care and Dr Eleni Nastouli, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Child Health and Clinical Lead of the Department of Clinical Virology at UCLH.


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Episode 3: What are the exit strategies?

When can we go outside? How will the lockdown end?

This week we’re discussing how, and when, the lockdown in the UK might end. With special guests Paul Ormerod, Visiting Professor at the UCL Centre for Decision Making Uncertainty and Professor David Alexander, Professor of Risk and Disaster Reduction at the UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction.

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Episode 4: Are children learning under lockdown?

What are the limits to learning in lockdown?

With schools closed and parents and carers teaching their children at home, what will the long-term impact be on their learning? Hear from experts from the Institute of Education:

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Episode 5: How is it affecting our mental health?

How do we cope and protect ourselves and our communities?

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and we’re exploring the impact of coronavirus on people’s emotional wellbeing and mental health. Hear from UCL experts as they talk about how it affects us in lockdown, front line staff, bereaved families, the vulnerable, and the many factors that impact various groups.

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Episode 6: What can we learn from the history of pandemics?

What does the black death, HIV, and Covid-19 have in common?

This week we're looking into the past, teasing apart the surprising similarities and learnings from previous pandemics - HIV/ AIDS in the 1980s and the Black Death in the 14th century.

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Episode 7: How close are we to finding a cure?

In this special edition, made for the Cheltenham Science Festival at home, we’re exploring how we tackle and track the virus.

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Episode 8: How do we reimagine the future?

Future earth, future tech, future health

In this special edition, made for the Cheltenham Science Festival at Home, we’re exploring what the future will look like post-COVID-19.

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Episode 9: How has the pandemic highlighted BAME inequalities?

Ethnicity, inequality, socio-economic issues

This week we are addressing the recent report on disparities in the risks and outcomes of Covid-19 and discussing other issues of inequality during the pandemic.

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Episode 10: What does a physically distant COVID world look like?

What is lockdown doing to our bodies? What type of mask is best to wear?

This week, as lockdown continues to ease, we are talking about how to stay safe (and alert) both at home and out in the world. This episode talks all about the type of face mask to wear to enabling creativity in our own spaces.

Prof Nick Tyler (Chadwick Chair of Civil Engineering) Dr Gregory Thompson (Strategic Lead for Performance Creative & Applied Humanities) Prof Mark Miodownik (Director of the Institute of Making)

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Episode 11: Proud to Help

How did UCL staff and students support the pandemic at its peak?

Our guests talk about the challenge to respond rapidly, the brilliant teamwork they found in the hospital, and how the experience was both humbling and unforgettable.

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