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Useful Information

This section contains links to some additional resources and further information to help staff supporting research at UCL perform their role.

Key Policies 

There are a number of research-related policies to which you may need to refer from time-to-time, and which all staff supporting research at UCL should seek to familiarise themselves with. Click on the links below to find out more about these policies and where you can access them:

Research Related Policies

How-To Guides and How-To Videos

Research Services has created a number of How-To Guides and How-To Videos to help staff supporting research at UCL perform key tasks in Worktribe. Click on the links below to access the full set of guides and videos:

How-To Guides

How-To Videos


The table below includes a list of some commonly-used acronyms and their meaning, together with some links to further information:

AcronymMeaningFurther Information
AHRCArts and Humanities Research Council 
ATASAcademic Technology Approval SchemeRelevant to students applying for visas to study certain subjects in the UK. Further Information [External]
BBSRC Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council 
BRCBiomedical Research CentreFurther Information [External]
CACollaboration AgreementAbbreviation commonly used by the Research Contracts team
CDAConfidential Disclosure Agreement 
CDTCentre for Doctoral TrainingFurther information 
CfSCase for Support 
CMContracts Manager 
DMDepartment Manager 
DMPData Management PlanFurther information
DTPDoctoral Training ProgrammeFurther information
EPSRCEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council 
ECREarly Career Reseacher 
ESR Early Stage Reseacher  
ESRC Economic and Social Research Council 
FEAFully Executed Agreement
Abbreviation commonly used by the Research Contracts team and synonymous with Fully Signed Agreement (FSA)
FLFFuture Leader FellowshipsA Fellowship programme run by UKRI.  Further Information [External]
FSAFully Signed Agreement
Abbreviation commonly used by the Research Contracts team and synonymous with Fully Executed Agreement (FEA)
GCRFGlobal Challenges Research Fund 
HEIHigher Education Institution 
HEIFHigher Education Innovation Fund  
HE-BCIHigher Education Business and Community InteractionCollects financial and output data from all HEIs related to knowledge exchange
HERAHigher Education Role Analysis 
HESAHigher Education Statistics Agency 
HoDHead of Department 
IRISInstitutional Research Information SystemFurther Information
Je-SJoint Electronic Submissions systemThe main application portal for all UK Research Council-funded research.
JoRJustification of Resources 
KEKnowledge Exchange 
LALondon Allowance
Sometimes also referred to as "London Weighting"
MRCMedical Research Council 
MSCAMarie Sklodowska-Curie ActionsA European researcher mobility programme 
NCENo-cost extension 
NDANon-Disclosure Agreement 
NERCNatural Environment Research Council 
PDRAPost-Doctoral Research Associate 
PGRPostgraduate Research/Researcher 
QRQuality-related research fundingFurther information [External]
RAResearch Assistant 
RCUKResearch Councils UKNo longer exists and now forms part of UKRI
REFResearch Excellence FrameworkFurther Information
RICGResearch Income Classification GroupFurther Information
RPSResearch Publications ServiceFurther Information
RSURFRoyal Society University Research FellowshipAn annual fellowship programme run by the Royal Society. Further Information [External]
SELStudent Engagement LetterAbbreviation commonly used by the Research Contracts team
STFCScience and Technology Facilities Council 
TSBTechnology Strategy Board 
Former name of Innovate UK
UKRIUK Research and InnovationFurther Information [External]
UKROUK Research OfficeFurther Information [External]
UOAUnit Of Assessment
Abbreviation commonly used by the Research Contracts team and synonymous with Contract Amendment
WTCRWorktribe Contract Request