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Research Support Induction

Research Services’ Research Support Induction is designed to provide new research support staff working within academic departments with an understanding of the key tasks they will need to undertake across the research lifecycle, and with an overview of the key UCL teams, systems and policies that underpin sponsored research activity and support at UCL. This Induction is intended to complement other induction resources and initiatives that may be available to research support staff centrally or within their Department.

1. Key Tasks: Applying for Funding

A guide to the key tasks involved in supporting the funding application process.

Extensions and supplements

2. Key Tasks: Setting up a Project

A guide to the key tasks needed to support the setting up of a research project at UCL once research funding has been awarded.


3. Key Tasks: Managing a Project

A guide to the key tasks involved in supporting the management of sponsored research projects.  

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4. Key UCL Teams

An overview of the professional services teams providing support for research at UCL.

Putting together the puzzle

5. Key UCL Systems

An overview of the key systems used to support research management and related activities at UCL.


6. Useful Information

Key Policies / How-To Guides and How-To Videos / Glossary