Research Services


Deliverables and CRS


The only deliverable required from the student is the Thesis. Where agreed contractually, periodic reports and attendance at meetings with the external funder to review project progress should be monitored by the supervisor and progressed.

The UKRI Training Grant Guide states ‘All Research Councils expect that the start and end dates for the funded period of study will be agreed at the outset and would not be amended during the doctoral project unless exceptional circumstances apply. The Research Council will monitor any amendments to the start and end dates and reserves the option to apply original dates for assessing when thesis submission is due.’

It is therefore imperative that the student details record be correctly maintained with regard to their funding period and the associated expected submission date (UKRI expectation is now the funding end-date) on the UKRI Je-S web portal effective 2017-18 academic session starters.

Supervisors and students should all be aware of this requirement by their funder and build the submission into the work programme accordingly to meet the end-date of funding deadline for submission.  

Students funded by Research Council training grants prior to 2017-18 academic session remain on the original terms.

Research Student Status (CRS)

A Student who is registered as CRS is not entitled to UKRI funding and effective 2017 academic session starters should submit thesis within the funded period.

Once a student enters CRS then changes (such as expected submission dates) must be agreed with the relevant research council staff in writing.

Only when the alteration has been agreed by the council should the UKRI Je-S student data portal record (Expected Submission Date) should be updated and submitted. The reasons should be stated on the record along with the UKRI staff name and date of authorisation.