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Creating a New Student Record

This a brief overview of the process of creating a new student record on UKRI JeS web portal.

To create a new studentship details document, select New Document in the Je-S Documents menu. 

Using the Select Council drop down menu, select the appropriate council. 

Select a Document Type of Studentship Details, and beneath that select the appropriate Scheme. If you are unsure of which scheme to select, then please refer to the relevant Council’s handbook or guidance. Users should take care to ensure that the correct studentship scheme is selected as you will only be able to create a new document if a current scheme is selected.  

For the majority of student records, you will not need to select a Call/Type/Mode and this drop down box will not be available. 

Pressing Create Document will take you into the new document.

Within the new document, a range of useful functionality can be found under Document Actions.

Complete detailed guide to setting up a new student record (Word)

A student record needs to  be completed for all  UKRI Training Grant funded studentships. 

The UKRI JeS Record needs to be created and submitted prior to requesting payment using the UCL Portico system (Fund Management).

Enter the UCL Account codes as part of the 'Your Reference' in the 'Documents Header' section - this gives you a record for the future.


  • Throughout the lifetime of the studentship the record must be maintained as changes occur (Agreed Absence, Funding, Project Abstract etc.).
  • It is best to have the student review the record annually and update with them.
  • Abstracts should include the council domain(s) appropriate for the project. The councils use this information to decide if the project is within their remit.

Agreed absence

  • Councils expect the studentship to be completed without interruption, but in circumstances like Maternity, Paternity, UKRI authorised Internships extensions may be permitted.
  • Absences should be notified to the Registry and Research Services (RS) prior to the commencement. Once agreed with RS then update student record.

Administrators Best Practice

Department administrative staff should  create an account on the UKRI JeS web portal.

  • When your account is created you will need to request access to the studentship records by emailing the UCL Je-S contact. The Je-S helpdesk - email;JeSHelp@je-s.ukri.org, Phone; 01793 444164 - will be able to provide the details of the current contacts.