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UK Participation in Horizon 2020 from 1st February 2020

UK participants will continue to receive EU grant funding for the lifetime of individual Horizon 2020 projects, including projects finishing after the transition period ends at the end of 2020. UCL colleagues can therefore continue to participate in and lead Horizon 2020 projects and apply for Horizon 2020 grant funding. The vast majority of Horizon 2020 projects will be able to continue as before during the transition period and beyond, including ERC and MSCA (Marie Curie) grants.

UK Participation in Horizon 2020's successor, "Horizon Europe"

  • The Political Declaration agreed with the EU in October 2019 demonstrates a shared intent between UK and EU leaders to agree a framework that supports collaboration in science and innovation.
  • The shape and content of EU Programmes post-2020, including Horizon Europe, are currently being negotiated in the EU Institutions and have not yet been finalised.
  • The UK is ready to consider participation in certain EU programmes, once the EU has agreed the baseline in its 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework, and taking into account the overall value to the UK of doing so.

Further Information

UCL colleagues with queries or concerns regarding the impact of Brexit are invited to contact a member of the ERIO team at the earliest opportunity to discuss any specific requirements: