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Quickguide to Worktribe Budgets

The budget tool is part of a Worktribe Project record. The Worktribe budget tool enables you to cost your proposal using FEC methodology.

All research funding applications use FEC (Full Economic Costing), a standardised methodology used by all UK Higher Education Institutions. The FEC is not dependent upon what the Funder is willing to pay (i.e. the price), but reflects our total running cost for the project.

In the budget, include all of the resources required to carry out your research. Worktribe will automatically calculate the Estates, Indirect Costs and Inflation.

The Worktribe budget contains four columns:

Budget Columns

Cost to HEI: Full Economic Cost of research to UCL (including indexation)

Cost to Funder: Estimated Value being applied for within funder regulations

Price to Funder: Estimated Value of award (what the funder would pay, e.g. 80% FEC)

Surplus/Deficit: The difference between Price to Funder and Cost to HEI.

Key Point: The Cost to HEI is often higher than the Cost to Funder due to a difference between UCL’s in-house projected inflation and a funder’s particular inflation allowance.

To add any new budget line, select the green plus icon next to the relevant budget category.

Adding Budget Lines

Budget Categories

Please select the relevant concertina to discover more about adding specific budget lines:

Staff Costs (DA or DI)

Enter the surname of the staff member and select search. Then choose the relevant staff member from the list. This automatically adds their Grade/Spine.

If the staff member is not currently at UCL, manually enter the name or role into the Post Title / Name field and manually enter the expected Grade/Spine.

Work Spells give you the option to include separate periods of work, for when a staff member may be working variably during the project (e.g. 100% FTE for 6 months, followed by 60% FTE for 3 months).

In addition to %FTE, by selecting the drop-down arrow, you can cost staff by hours per week, days per week, or days total.

green button

Selecting the appropriate Role is significant, as this may impact the estates and indirect costs, which are automatically calculated by Worktribe based on academic/research FTE allocated to the project.

If you are unsure of which Grade / Spine to allocate for an unnamed staff post, please liaise with either your Financial Administrator or Head of Department.

grade spine


Non-staff Costs

Select the appropriate cost category (e.g. Travel, Consumables and Equipment). Enter a short Description and add the estimated cost (excl. VAT). Where VAT is not applicable on the purchase, select Zero Rate (0%). When you select Add, Worktribe will automatically calculate the applicable VAT.

wt consumables

Research Facilities

To select from the list of published UCL Research Facilities, ensure Rate Type is Unit Rate, and search for the facility in the text field below. Depending on the facility type, these may be costed per day/week/hour etc.

unit rate

If the Facility you require is not listed, please liaise with the relevant Facility Manager to gain a quote. Select Fixed Cost as the Rate Type, and enter the quoted price.

Estates and Indirect Costs

Estates, Indirect Costs and Infrastructure costs are calculated automatically, based on the staff time committed to the project, the relevant estate rates of your department, and the funder scheme.

Key Point: Only Advanced Budgeters can manually change estates and indirect costs. If you need these amended, please liaise with the Financial Administrators in your department.

When you are happy with your budget and have completed the necessary details, you can select Submit for Approval, which initiates UCL’s approval process.