Research and Innovation Services


Role - What do we do?

The Contract Services team provides a specialised and comprehensive research contracting service.

The team is responsible for processing all non-clinical research agreements for and on behalf of UCL, in order to facilitate research activity.

The main responsibilities of the team include:

  • Advising on appropriate form and content of contractual documentation for proposed research activities and transactions
  • Reviewing contractual terms in order to ensure that they reflect the transaction to be governed by the agreement and are consistent with UCL policy
  • Drafting bespoke contractual documentation, including amendments/extensions, Non-Disclosure Agreements, collaboration agreements, subcontracts and many other types of contract
  • Negotiating the terms of research agreements with external organisations where necessary, in order to ensure fit-for-purpose terms are agreed
  • Approval and authorisation (signature) of agreed contractual terms in accordance with UCL policy.

The team has extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of research agreements from all sectors, both from external funders and research collaborators including industry (both SMEs and multinationals), Research Councils, foreign and domestic government departments, foreign and domestic charities, and fellow Higher Education Institutions.

See Types of contract for examples of some of the agreements that we are involved in.