Research Department of Imaging


UCL Department of Imaging

The UCL Research Department of Imaging is one of the nine individual Departments that comprise the UCL Division of Medicine, seven of which are research departments. Previously, imaging research activity was embedded in Centres spread across multiple research Departments within the Division. However, it became increasingly clear that the volume and extent of imaging research performed within these Centres merited its own Department, culminating in the inauguration of the Department of Imaging in March 2019.

The Department comprises four individual Centres. In essence, the Department caters for imaging research across the entire pipeline, from pre-clinical, through translational first-in-man studies, and culminating in large multi-centre pragmatic studies of high technology platforms within the NHS, thereby impacting directly on national guidance and patient care.

An extremely comprehensive range of imaging modalities are available including pre-clinical platforms (via CABI), translational and established clinical platforms (via CMI), nuclear medicine (via INM), and a wide range of radiopharmaceutical tracers (via CRC).

Further information regarding the four individual Centres and their contact details are available via their individual websites, listed below: