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Training to become a Reading Recovery teacher

Being a teacher in Reading Recovery is demanding, challenging and enormously rewarding.

Right from the start I relished the enthusiasm and pace of the Reading Recovery training and the high expectations put on us at both initial and continuing professional development. I love that I am always learning and deepening my understanding and that we have the opportunity to discuss and clarify our thoughts with our highly supportive and inspirational teacher leaders...For me it ticks all the boxes of why I went into teaching in the first place and it has allowed me to reach those children that nothing else seemed to reach
Reading Recovery teacher.

Your first challenge will be to take the lowest attaining children, who have made virtually no progress in literacy in their first year at school, and within 12 to 20 weeks transform them into enthusiastic, able and independent readers and writers who will continue to learn as if they never had problems. Your second challenge is to change the way people in your school think about literacy teaching and learning, especially for disadvantaged children and those who struggle.

This is therefore a job for qualified and experienced teachers.

Reading Recovery teacher training

The Initial Professional Development (IPD) course, internationally recognised and accredited by the UCL Institute of Education, is led by a Reading Recovery teacher leader. It is a part-time course spread across a full school year, and delivered locally at Reading Recovery centres in Barking and Dagenham, Bristol, Jersey, Kent and South East London, Manchester, Portsmouth, East Renfrewshire, North Ayrshire, Ireland and Malta. For more information about the training in the local Reading Recovery centres please contact the teacher leaders.

The IPD course will enable you to:
  • develop your understanding of children's learning and early literacy acquisition;
  • learn skills to assess and overcome children's literacy learning barriers;
  • become reflective of teaching decisions and their impact on children's learning in reading and writing;
  • learn how to develop and use a gradient of challenge in text reading to support progress in reading; achieve accelerated progress in writing;
  • be an expert for the school on diagnostic assessment of literacy;
  • work with parents to understand and support their child's development;
  • monitor and assess the effectiveness of intervention,
  • and report impact in detail to support accountability processes.
What the IPD course involves:
  • 20 half day professional development sessions, with live lesson observation. The sessions will cover: in-depth observation and assessment techniques; observation and discussion of live lessons; detailed analysis of teaching and learning; theoretical analysis;
  • practical advice and guidance support for developing whole school impact. This includes learning about a range of literacy interventions to meet different needs;
  • four support visits to your school. These provide intensive, individual support and help the school management team to develop an effective and efficient implementation.
  • Additional support via email or phone with the local Reading Recovery teacher leader;
  • access to a secure, user friendly data system for monitoring and reporting. This enables you to track the progress of children receiving literacy support. You will also be able to generate reports to support the strategic management of intervention and to provide accountability;
  • one day professional development for the intervention manager in your school. This includes learning about the reading and writing processes, and the effective use of assessment for early literacy;
  • guidance on how to support parents. This enhances your confidence to work with parents, share details of their child's learning, and to engage them with their child's literacy.
Course fee

The IPD course costs £2,940 (VAT free).

On successful completion of the IPD course, you will be registered at the UCL Institute of Education as a qualified Reading Recovery teacher.