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Continuing professional development once qualified

Research demonstrates that sustained professional development which is closely linked to practice has a greater impact on teachers' professional practice than short courses.

The continuing professional training has enabled me to address the literacy needs at my school effectively and confidently. I would have never believed when I first started that I could deliver so much successful training to teachers and teaching assistants. It has been an enlightening experience that has given me a deeper understanding of how children learn, Reading Recovery teacher.

For as long as you are a Reading Recovery teacher, in order to remain accredited with the UCL Institute of Education you will need to attend the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course delivered locally at Reading Recovery centres.

The CPD course will enable you to:
  • deepen your knowledge of theories on early literacy acquisition;
  • refine and extend your skills;
  • critically examine teaching decisions in the light of children's progress in reading and writing;
  • contribute to school improvement priorities and quality first teaching through: support for mentoring; coaching; and leading professional development;
  • learn how to make more extensive use of data analysis to strengthen literacy provision in your school;
  • undertake cyclical needs analysis and draw upon a range of approaches to meet the needs of all learners.
What the CPD course involves:
  • six high level professional development sessions, with live lesson observation. The sessions will deepen and refine critical examination of teaching decisions;
  • access to a secure, user friendly data system for monitoring and reporting. This enables you to track the progress of children receiving literacy support. You will also be able to generate reports to support the strategic management of intervention and to provide accountability;
  • one support visit to your school. This provides intensive, individual support to help you address the specific needs of an individual child. It helps build on an effective and efficient implementation. Additional support via email or phone with the local Reading Recovery teacher leader;
  • support for developing whole school impact. This includes: learning how to assess and evaluate a range of interventions to determine their value to the school strategy for literacy; access to opportunities for training in a range of literacy interventions (the costs of such training will be separate); and use of the monitoring and reporting system to assess the impact of all literacy interventions used by the school;
  • guidance on how to support parents. This enhances your confidence to work with parents, share details of their child's learning, and to engage them with their child's literacy.
Course fee

The CPD course costs £1,144 (VAT free).