Reading Recovery Europe


A Reading Recovery lesson

"My Reading Recovery teacher taught me that reading is fun and not difficult" "I now love reading lots of different books, my favourite are funny books". Reading Recovery child

Your child's school has arranged for a teacher to have special training to work with children who need extra help.

The Reading Recovery teacher will plan lessons just for your child so that it is easy for them to learn.

Your child will have one short lesson every day, for about two terms, with the Reading Recovery teacher. The aim is to bring your child's reading up to the average level for his/her age and to boost his/her confidence and enjoyment of learning.

In your child's daily lesson he/she will:

  • read a few specially chosen books;
  • learn how to use letters and words;
  • write a short story;
  • make a puzzle from their story to bring home;
  • choose a book to bring home.

Your child's Reading Recovery teacher will be happy for you go into school to watch a lesson. You will be able to see for yourself how much your child enjoys the activities.

Every Reading Recovery lesson includes learning about letters and sounds. Your child will learn about sounds in words and how to read and write them. Reading Recovery will help your child succeed in the school’s phonics programme.