Reading Recovery Europe


A strategic approach to problem solving

Matt was judged to be at age appropriate levels when he left Year 1, but after the summer break was found to be working towards Level 1. He also required additional support for speech and language.

He lacked confidence both with reading and other aspects of the curriculum. His parents were very concerned that without further support Matt would remain completely unmotivated by reading. Matt was assessed for identification for Reading Recovery. Initial assessments showed Matt had learned early reading behaviours, but was not developing strategies to use print information effectively.

After starting Reading Recovery lessons, and with support from home, Matt made excellent progress. After 19 weeks the teaching programme was finished. Now he was reading at Level 22, a level well within the range needed for his age. In the Key Stage 1 National Assessments he achieved a 2B for reading. Most pleasing is that he has continued to make progress throughout Year 3, reading level 30 at the follow up check. At the end of Year 3 he achieved 3B in the QCA test.

Matt's mum wrote:

"For my son to be given a place on Reading Recovery was a marvellous opportunity for him and an overwhelming outcome for us. Not only did we watch him excel in his reading but week-after-week we watched as his confidence grew, this then following through to his spelling and writing."
"The progress he made was more than we ever imagined possible and we feel it has put him in good stead for his future school years."