Reading Recovery Europe


Reading Recovery Evaluation Database

The Reading Recovery Evaluation Database (RRED) is a survey tool collating data to track progress of pupils in Reading Recovery implementations in Europe.

Reading Recovery data collection

RRED stores data securely in a way that is cost effective and compliant with GDPR. RRED enables Reading Recovery Europe to draw down anonymised data for reporting and evaluation purposes.

Reading Recovery Evaluation Database and GDPR

Reading Recovery Europe collects data on Reading Recovery teachers, schools and children to monitor, evaluate and research the effectiveness of the RR programme.  The data collection system is secure and fully compliant with GDPR. 

How is the information collected?

In order for us to collect the data, each Reading Recovery teacher receives a unique survey link from UCL.   The link is protected by a self-chosen personal identification number (PIN).  The data is stored securely in the Reading Recovery Evaluation Database (RRED) within UCL Data Safe Haven. 

The data is kept for no longer than 10 years in line with UCL guidance on retention of records for research.

Is the data secure? 

Only Reading Recovery teachers can see the names of the children whose data they collect prior to submitting it to RRED. 
Only limited number of UCL staff who have undergone special data security training have access to RRED in the UCL Data Safe Haven.

What do we do with the information we collect? 

At the end of each academic year we use the information to generate reports at school, local and national level.  Children’s, teachers’ and school names are not used in the reports. You can download our annual data reports for Reading Recovery Europe from our website:

Lawful bases for processing the personal data 

Reading Recovery teachers obtain informed parental consent for children to participate in the programme, to collect information about their progress and to enter the data on RRED.

The legal basis for processing the data is the public task of providing education, research and knowledge exchange.  We want to improve the quality of our teaching in Reading Recovery and monitor RR children’s performance. 

Reading Recovery Europe has Data Sharing Agreements with schools participating in the Reading Recovery programme to collect the data in order to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of Reading Recovery.

Your rights

A full list of rights in relation to processing personal data is listed in the ILC privacy notice.

Parents should inform the RR teacher if they wish to withdraw their consent or email International Literacy Centre at ioe.ilc@ucl.ac.uk.