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Joel Stokes

Racism and Racialisation

PhD group


Joel Stokes

I am a first year PhD student, working with the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies and Institute of Archaeology. My research explores the intersection between archaeology, identity, racism and settler-colonialism in contemporary Israeli-Palestinian society as well as the often overlooked role of historic archaeological engagement in contemporary stakeholder claims of heritage ownership. My specific interests lie in the study of how Israeli and Palestinian heritage stakeholders at the sites of the City of David and Village of Silwan negotiate the contested space, which sits in occupied East Jerusalem.

I have chosen to participate in the ‘Racism and Racialisation' PhD group as I believe there has never been a more crucial time than the present to facilitate cross-disciplinary knowledge sharing on issues of race. However, predominately, I am here to listen, learn, share when it is appropriate, and explore the ever more complicated issues of race in our society.