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Connecting end-users with quantum innovation

An open innovation centre facilitating commercial activity in quantum computation. Based in London, QLABS benefits from the city’s unique position within the UK with international leaders in academia, big industry, and SMEs in close geographical proximity with major end-users in finance and governmental sectors, all within the context of a vibrant tech cluster.


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Start-up Programme

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Our objectives

Close cooperation between hardware and software experts, and between quantum developers and end-users, are key enablers for the development of a mature quantum computation industry in the UK.

The primary objective of QLABS is to create a sustainable ecosystem to assist in developing a globally leading quantum computing and quantum simulation industry in the UK.

QLABS will:

  • Drive innovation through quantum hardware and software by connecting quantum end-users with quantum experts.
  • Kick-start the creation of a globally-leading quantum computing and quantum simulation industry in the UK.
  • Connect SMEs, corporations, government and academia
  • Lower the barriers for businesses to access quantum
  • Enable solutions to business challenges in widely differing applications sectors to be identified.
  • Outreach to new business sectors via quarterly focus themes, supporting deep-dives into rotating domains and ensuring that the technology drive is matched to business demands
  • Give access to nanofabrication facilities and expertise within UCL London Centre for Nanotechnology


An innovation centre

QLABS is now working online to create a hub-and-spoke physical industrial cluster where start-ups, SMEs and teams from big industry will cohabitate with academic groups working at the forefront of quantum computing.

The QLABS environment will be vibrant, creative and intellectually rewarding. This workspace environment will facilitate the cross-fertilisation of common quantum solutions to problems in radically different business areas, minimising costly duplication.

The QLABS innovation centre will provide:

  • Low-cost high-quality serviced workspace (including offices and laboratories) for spinouts, SMEs and seconded staff from industry
  • A laboratory space with state-of-the-art dilution refrigerators and electronics characterisation systems
  • An open-access cloud-based quantum computation resources for demonstrations of new quantum algorithms with state-of-the-art dilution refrigerators and electronics characterisation systems
  • Courses opportunities for technology leaders to upskill to equip themselves for the new paradigm of quantum computation applied to a business context
  • An integrated accelerator/incubator programme


About Us

Expand the sections below to find out more about who is involved:

Coordination team
  • Prof. Paul Warburton is Professor of Nanoelectronics at the London Centre for Nanotechnology. He works on quantum annealing using superconducting devices, and on high-mobility oxide interfaces. He created and coordinates QLBAS.
  • Coline Morin is the Innovation Network Manager for QLABS at the London Centre for Nanotechnology. She works with academics for a greater impact of research and innovation via the implementation of network and dissemination activities.
  • Henry Bennie is the UCLQ Business Development Manager who supports QLABS at UCL. He connects with industry and academia at UCLQ and offer support to Q-LABS.
Working Group

A group of quantum and innovation experts, based in London, leads Q-LABS. Together with the coordination team, they are shaping QLABS’ strategy and objectives. The working group includes representatives from: 

  • Deep Learning Partnership
  • D-Wave
  • Middlesex University London
  • APPLIEd qubit
  • Mindstream-AI
  • Rigetti
  • SeeQC
  • UCLQ
  • British Telecom
  • Thought Works
QLABS broader community

In addition to the QLABS working group a number of organisations are supportive of QLABS activities, they include: 

  • Benevolent AI
  • Catapult Digital
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Element Six
  • IBM
  • Keysight
  • Oxford Instruments
  • Phasecraft
  • Quantum Motion


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