UCL Quantum Science and Technology Institute


QLABS Start-up Programme

QLABS delivers a programme that helps quantum tech start-ups and innovators into the quantum market space.

QLABS has partnered with IDEALondon to create the first of its kind quantum innovation programme in London. 

We are seeking early-stage quantum tech start-ups to join our next innovation programme. Together with our strategic partners and mentors, participants will benefit from dedicated workshops, 1-1 expert advice, networking and investment connections.

If you arent ready or interested in joining our start-up programme, you can sign-up to the QLABS network.

Join QLABS' start-up programme to receive: 

  • A tailored 6 month scale up programme 
  • Support from academic and industrial tech expertise from world experts at UCL and the quantum technologies sector 
  • Access to mentors from quantum start-up companies that have been on your journey
  • Specialised investor introductions
  • Innovation and R&D funding application support
  • One-to-one business advice
  • Membership to the QLABS Innovation Network, a network of companies, researchers, and innovators across the quantum sector




We are looking for quantum tech start-ups to apply, including companies that focus on quantum computation and simulation. All levels of maturity will be considered, including pre-incorporation projects, early-stage companies (pre-seed) or more mature companies (seed stage). For quantum hardware enterprises, the ideal candidate should already have a basic prototype. Successful applicants are expected to commit to half a day per week to the activities associated with the programme. 

Our first open programme will start early 2022, to apply please send us a short pitch deck and complete the short application form below.  Deadline: 11.45pm UTC Sunday 28th November 2021.

Your short pitch deck should include up to 12 slides covering the following areas:

  • The problem you are aiming to solve
  • Your solution
  • Market opportunity: Size of addressable market, is this a substantial opportunity in terms of numbers of patients and value?
  • Technology: what is your technology, how is it innovative and how will you protect it (including intellectual property)?
  • Competitors: including direct competitors and also other approaches to solving the same problem. How far advanced are the competitors?
  • Business model: How you will make money? Who are your direct customers? What is your route to scale up and commercialisation?
  • Traction: Do you have any revenues? (not necessarily expected at this stage). What customer engagement? Any corporate partners? Investment - what funds, if any, have you raised so far? Please show any evidence of interest in your product.
  • Your team: What is your relevant domain experience? Why should you be the right people to execute on this opportunity? Do you have awareness of any key gaps in your team expertise and how do you plan to fill them (eg consultants/ advisers etc).
  • Roadmap and key milestones: What is your overall plan? What are the key value inflection points? Timescales?
  • Financials: How much additional funding will you need to achieve your key milestones? Revenue projections (next 3 years).
  • Exit: what is the likely exit for your investors?

If you have any issues with the form please contact us.