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Quantum ready podcast

Is your business quantum ready? Explore how quantum computing can help your business.


Episode 1: What is quantum computing?

In this first episode Katy visits UCL in central London to learn the basics of quantum computing and why business should be interested.


  • Professor Paul Warburton, UCL
  • Paolo Cuomo, Co-founder of Quantum London
  • Matthias Ziegler, Accenture's emerging technologies innovation lead for Austria, Switzerland and Germany
  • Richards Moulds, the General Manager of Amazon Braket, the quantum computing services at Amazon Web Services.

Access the transcript for episode 1

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Q-LABS and Quantum London have commissioned a podcast series exploring how quantum computers are changing the opportunities for businesses in diverse fields such as finance, chemistry and healthcare.

The podcast focuses on quantum computation for business and the end-user community. Through interviews with experts and business leaders we will explore these questions:

  • What is quantum computation and why is it important for business? 
  • What quantum computation recourses are available to my business?
  • What is currently possible with quantum computation and what are the future aspirations?
  • Who supplies quantum capabilities?
  • Which businesses and industries use quantum computation currently and how developed are their quantum teams?
  • How can my business get quantum ready?