Qualitative Health Research Network


Symposium 2015

Enriching qualitative inquiry in health 

18 February 2015

QHRN Symposium 2015


The symposium abstracts are published in BMJ Open, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 4 (link opens in new window). You can also listen to the oral presentations below:


9:00 Registration
9:30 Welcome and introduction to the day by Dr Abigail Baim-Lance
9:45 Session 1: Problematising the research landscape Chair: Dr Lesley McGregor
  Explaining discrepant results from questionnaires and interviews concerning help-seeking: are 'public' and 'private' accounts the key? Christina Dobson, University of Durham
  Challenges in qualitative inquiry: judgements of 'ethics' and 'quality'. Fiona Stevenson, UCL
  Enacting PPI in Qualitative Mental Health Research: peer researcher involvement in data analysis in the 'CORE' study.   Nicola Morant, UCL
11:00 Coffee and poster viewing
11:30 Session 2: Re-approaching familiar frameworks Chair: Mr Henry Llewellyn 
  On the need for practice theories in health services and policy research: lessons from qualitative inquiry. Jay Shaw, University of Toronto
  Methodological limitations and advances in studying culture and mental health: significance of qualitative approaches. Rupal Patel, University of Nottingham
  The use of mixed methods in assessing wellbeing benefits derived from a heritage-in-health intervention with hospital patients and care home residents. Helen Chatterjee and Linda Thompson, UCL
12:45 Lunch 
13:45  Keynote address: Dr Sara Shaw
The curious incident of the qualitative researcher in applied health research
14:30  Coffee and poster viewing 
15:00 Session 3: Imagination at work - enriching the potential Chair: Ms Charlotte Vrinten 
  Excursus on the immune system: melting history, stories and microbiome data. Andrea Núñez Casal, Goldsmiths, University of London
  A sociogram is worth a thousand words: A narrative data visualization technique. Catherine Larouche, University of Montreal
  Making chronic pain matter -  how can qualitative research shape the conversation? Elena Gonzalez-Polledo and Flora Cornish, London School of Economics
16:15 Discussion panel 
Chair: Dr Cecilia Vindrola

Professor Richard Watt

Chair of Dental Public Health and Head of the Research Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, UCL


Professor Naomi Fulop 

Professor of Health Care Organisation and Management, Department of Applied Health Research (DAHR), UCL


Professor Paul Higgs

Professor of Sociology of Aging, Department of Psychiatry, UCL

16:50 Final thoughts 
17:00 Social networking