Qualitative Health Research Network



The QHRN organises biennial international conferences to allow emerging and experienced researchers from within and outside the UCL community to present, experiment with, and learn about qualitative theory, methods, and writing.

Our 6th QHRN conference on "Exploring 'change': Qualitative health research through crisis, disruption and emergence" will take place on the 28th and 29th February 2024. Registration is now open! 


2024 conference

Find out more about our 2024 conference: "Exploring progress: qualitative health research through crisis, disruption and emergence"

Our past conferences

Find out more about our past conferences below:

  • 2021 conference: Negotiating Trust: Exploring power, belief, truth and knowledge in health and care
  • 2019 conference: Crafting the Future of Qualitative Health Research in a Changing World
  • 2017 symposium: Engagement, co-production, and collaborative meaning-making: collaboration in qualitative health research
  • 2015 symposium: Enriching qualitative inquiry in health
  • 2013 symposium