Qualitative Health Research Network


Who are we?

The Qualitative Health Research Network consists of the qualitative health research groups from three UCL departments

  1. Department of Applied Health Research (DAHR) qualitative discussion group
  2. Department of Behavioural Science and Health (BSH) qualitative discussion group
  3. Division of Psychiatry qualitative researchers working group


The groups are represented by the following QHRN committee members

Dr Georgia Black (DAHR)
Dr Cecilia Vindrola (DAHR)
Ms Nehla Djellouli (Institute for Global Health)
Dr Holly Walton (DAHR)
Dr Nuriye Kupeli (Div of Psychiatry)
Mr Henry Llewellyn (Div of Psychiatry)
Dr Kirsten Moore (Div of Psychiatry)
Mr Sébastien Libert (Div of Psychiatry)
Dr Rochelle Burgess (Institute for Global Health)
Ms Claire Stevens (BSH)


    Qualitative health research groups collaborating in the qualitative health research network (QHRN)

    1 - Department of Applied Health Research (DAHR) qualitative discussion group

    This group was set up in May 2012 by DAHR staff as a forum for informal discussion and support with qualitative work.  The monthly meetings cover a wide range of topics, and are led by colleagues from within and outside of UCL.  There are now 30 members and the group is coordinated by Georgia Black: g.black@ucl.ac.uk.

    2 - Department of Behavioural Science & Health (BSH) qualitative discussion group

    This group was set up in May 2012 by BSH staff who felt there was a need to consolidate expertise with qualitative methods for researchers contemplating, initiating, conducting, and disseminating qualitative research within the department. The group continues to grow and currently has 53 members, including colleagues external to the department. The monthly sessions vary in content, often including discussion of a paper, dilemmas or feedback on analysis, and external speakers introducing new methods or concepts in qualitative research.  Meetings are organised by Lesley McGregor: l.mcgregor@ucl.ac.uk.

    3 - Division of Psychiatry qualitative researchers working group

    This is a researcher-led forum within the Division of Psychiatry that provides a meeting point for researchers to share and explore ideas and techniques in qualitative research. It is run mainly through bimonthly small group discussions and journal clubs that encourage an intellectually dynamic yet supportive atmosphere for debate and discussion, allowing emerging and seasoned researchers from any academic discipline to exhibit, experiment with, work through and learn about qualitative theory, methods and writing. The group holds an evolving archive of resources to enable researchers to engage with qualitative research. It commenced in 2012, has over 70 members and is run by Henry, Kirsten, Nuriye and Sébastien. The aims of the group are to: provide an avenue to support qualitative researchers within the Division; and to enable a forum within the Division to share and discuss ideas and debates within qualitative research to improve the standard and status of qualitative research undertaken. More details are available on our website.