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Samantha Vanderslott

Motivations, views, and experiences of COVID-19 vaccine trial participants

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Samantha Vanderslott gave the QHRN seminar on the 6th January 2022.

Title:  Motivations, views, and experiences of COVID-19 vaccine trial participants

Date: 6th January 2022

Time: 12:00-13:00

Location: Zoom


This talk is about 'COVQUAL': a collaborative, interdisciplinary, and mixed-methods research project surveying and interviewing vaccine trial participants during the COVID-19 pandemic. We recruited from a purposeful sample of 770 healthy volunteers aged 18–55 years enrolled in a first-in-human COVID-19 vaccine trial in Oxford, UK. The research aimed to find out about the participants' motivations, views, and experiences in the trial, which also involved reflections on the pandemic and a (then) future COVID-19 vaccine. For the survey, we received 349 responses, and we conducted semi-structured interviews with 102 participants. I will detail the methodological approach we undertook and discuss being an embedded social sciences researcher in a vaccine group that undertakes clinical trials – which included putting together an interdisciplinary team and decisions made about the project organisation and our publishing strategy.


Samantha Vanderslott is a University Research Lecturer at the Oxford Vaccine Group. She is currently researching public attitudes and decisions on vaccination, particularly in relation to pro-vaccination behaviours and vaccine acceptance.

Seminar recording

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