Qualitative Health Research Network


Nishita Nair

Social research ethics codes when working with ethnic minority groups

This seminar took place on the 7th December 2023.


This talk will explore how social researchers engage with social research ethics codes and the institutional ethics review process during their work with ethnic minority populations in the UK. Using semi-structured qualitative interviews, beneficial aspects of these codes, as well as barriers or gaps will be described and reflections made on whether research ethics codes and review processes guide ethical thinking within multi-cultural settings.

Speaker information

Nishita Nair works as a Research Ethics Officer at the Institute of Education (IOE), UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society. She coordinates the ethics review and approval process and works collaboratively with the IOE Research Ethics Committee to develop and implement strategic initiatives in relation to ethics matters within the institution. She also manages the training of ethics reviewers and advises applicants on ethical considerations within their research. Nishita has recently completed a Masters in Bioethics at King’s College London and is driven by the passion to understand what makes one ethical and how to cultivate ethical thinking. Nishita previously managed a research funding programme at the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and led Patient and Public Involvement activities within the team. She also served as the Chair of the NIHR EDI Committee.