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UCL Public Policy partners with Wellcome to pilot creative new approaches to open up policy dialogue

20 July 2023

UCL Public Policy will be part of an innovative new collaboration to see how creative approaches can support academic policy engagement.

Policy maze

The project, led by Scientia Scripta, is supported by Wellcome, with involvement from UCL Public Policy, Policy Connect and Manchester Met University, is designed to explore how creative activities including mosaic making and circus arts can break down silos, foster connections between policy makers and academic experts, and bring new perspectives to complex problems. 

This pioneering new approach will involve policy partners in local government working with colleagues from UCL to create mosaics, using natural and salvaged materials, while discussing issues around health and climate policy. While most policy engagement typically takes the form of meetings, roundtables and traditional discussions, it is hoped that this method will help participants to visualise and explore complex issues, and build deeper, productive partnerships. UCL Public Policy are evaluating the method at different stages of the policy development process and on different policy issues. 

Through the project UCL Public Policy will be working closely with Scientia Scripta, Policy Connect and Manchester Met University to test the mosaic making approach and produce guidance on how it might be applied to academic-policy activities. 

Edwin Colyer from Scientia Scripta, said: 

“We’re really excited by the opportunity to build on our track record of experimentation when it comes to involving people in science and system change. Along with our fantastic partners, we hope to learn more about how collaborative mosaic-making can help establish a more level playing field where policy makers and experts by experience can interact and learn from one other.” 


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