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London Research and Policy Partnership (LRaPP) Policy Fellowship

We are pleased to announce a new Policy Fellowship opportunity with London Research and Policy Partnership: Developing Knowledge Brokerage Activities.

UCL Public Policy is offering support for a policy fellowship (on a flexible part to full-time basis) with the London Research and Policy Partnership (LRaPP). The fellowship will help develop some of LRaPP’s knowledge brokerage activities to advance regional academic-policy engagement in London. This Fellowship presents an exciting opportunity to gain experience in translating research into actionable policy interventions, and to work on regional capacity building for London’s academic research and policy communities. 

Application Deadline: 17:00; 25 March 2024.

Policy Background

LRaPP was established in July 2012 to foster greater strategic collaboration between academic researchers in London’s universities and policymakers in London government (Greater London Authority (GLA), London Councils, and London boroughs). LRaPP is working on developing its main products and services to make it easier for academics and policymakers to engage with each other, and tackle urban challenges across London. 

The Policy Fellow will be instrumental in designing knowledge brokerage products and services for  researchers and policymakers, to enable better shared understanding of the tools for, and approaches to, building effective and sustained academic-policy engagement. It will provide a practical route for researchers looking to apply their expertise to real world problems. 

Role description & key responsibilities 

The Policy Fellow will take the findings of a data analysis and stakeholder engagement, drawing out the skills needed to effectively engage in regional knowledge brokerage to translate these into practicable knowledge brokerage activities. Key areas of work may include: 
•    supporting development of training and masterclasses to allow policy professionals, researchers, and others to better understand each other and collaborate effectively; 
•    supporting research mapping of university resources and expertise across London of relevance to London policy challenges;
•    identifying key areas of research interest and long-term policy questions for the Greater London region, and which research capabilities could be harnessed. 
•    identifying practical collaborative activities to support policy development and implementation.
•    carrying out any other duties commensurate with the grade and purpose of the post.

The products and services will become part of LRaPP’s foundational offer, designed to professionalise knowledge mobilisation and brokerage, and build capability in the wider research/policy ecosystem in London. This project is a key strand of LRaPP’s 2024/25 work programme.  

Skills required:

•    Excellent analytic skills, with demonstrable experience or transferable skills in translating research findings to other contexts, and into actionable interventions. 
•    Expertise and experience in using research as a means of informing and contributing towards policy development.  
•    Experience of working with policymakers, and building and managing relationships with a range of stakeholders.
•    Ability to operate effectively, openly, and collaboratively within highly sensitive political contexts; ability to demonstrate neutrality and impartiality while navigating competing stakeholder interests. 
•    Ability to effectively engage with people from different backgrounds, and at different levels of seniority.  
•    Ability to develop clear and accessible (written and verbal) communications for academic and non-academic audiences.
•    Ability to quickly develop an understanding of London’s policy landscape and project priorities. 
•    Strong project and time management skills, and an ability to work proactively, prioritising your own workload, and working to deadlines. 


•    Involvement in, or contribution to, policy-relevant research.
•    Policy development and implementation experience. 
•    Previous experience of working in, or with, regional or local development. 

About you

These secondments are open to eligible academic and research staff at UCL Grade 6, 7 or 8.They are offered on a flexible part-time to full-time basis for three months, from the end of April (earlier if possible) until the end of July. Funding must be spent before the 31st July. Eligible applicants must have a UCL employment contract that extends beyond the secondment period. Please contact the Policy Fellowship Coordinator (alice.tofts@ucl.ac.uk) if you are interested in this opportunity but you are not eligible.  

About the team 

LRaPP is led by an Executive Team comprising two Co-Leads from the University of London, and the GLA that develop and manage the Partnership’s programme to deliver the following outcomes: 
•    London policymakers informed on current research;
•    Enhanced London policy evidence base;
•    LRaPP enhances the academic-policy exchange system through its work; 
•    Enhanced understanding fosters collaborative, efficient cross-organisational practices;
•    London University research aligns with London government policy priorities;
•    London government working with London HEIs leverage greater funding opportunities;
•    Enhanced regional collaborations, innovation, and knowledge mobilisation around urban challenges. 

About the Fellowship 

Funding: This Fellowship is funded through UCL Public Policy up to £20,000 commensurate with candidate’s current grade to compensate for time on the Fellowship and is not in addition to existing salary. The Fellowship cannot be used to fund any specific activities (such as academic papers or fellowship-related activities).
It is offered on a part-time to full time basis (0.6FTE- 1FTE) for up to three months, all funding must be spent by 31 July 2024. Eligible applicants must have a UCL employment contract that extends beyond the Fellowship period. 

On application, please provide the contact details of your departmental Finance Officer and a worktribe costing of your salary costs (including on costs but not estates and indirect costs)

Team: GLA Strategy Team, City Intelligence Unit.

Location:  Remote, hybrid, or at the GLA’s Office at 169 Union Street, London SE1 0LL.

Contact Name:  Dr Michelle Reeves, Senior Manager – Policy & Programmes, GLA; and LRaPP Co-Lead. 

Application process 

To apply please complete the online application form here.

Information provided in the application form will be shared with the London Research and Policy Partnership to assess your suitability for the fellowship award. For more information on data sharing please see the UCL Staff Privacy Statement here and UCL statement on tasks in the public interest here.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to discuss their application and suitability for the fellowship with members of the LRaPP executive team on 9 April 2024

If you have any questions about the Fellowship or the application process, please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have questions about the application process, Alice Tofts, Policy Fellowships Coordinator: alice.tofts@ucl.ac.uk. For an informal chat about the Fellowship, please contact Michelle Reeves at michelle.reeves@london.gov.uk

Application Deadline: 17:00; 25 March 2024.